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  • Children and Online Privacy
    Last Aired

    Children and Online Privacy

    The heads of the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission and the deputy secretary of education unveiled a new study that finds most parents don’t think that social media…

  • Childrens Media and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Children\'s Media and the Internet

    Panelists talked about children’s use of the Internet, adult content and violence available through file sharing and gaming sites, as well as the threat of Internet predators. The panel was…

  • Regulation of Childrens Media
    Last Aired

    Regulation of Children's Media

    Professor Geoffrey Cowan moderated a panel discussion about regulating media for children. A video was shown illustrating the violence and sexual content of the media. A video clip also was shown from a…

  • Health of Children in a Media Environment
    Last Aired

    Health of Children in a Media Environment

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel moderated a panel discussion on the health effects on children of media exposure and keeping kids healthy in a “24/7” media environment. Among televisions, the Internet, iPods,…

  • Childrens Media and Ethics
    Last Aired

    Children\'s Media and Ethics

    Walter Isaacson moderated a panel discussion of a media code of ethics for children’s art and creativity programming. Topics included profit and markets, violence, artistic honesty, international ethical…

  • The Future of Childrens Media
    Last Aired

    The Future of Children's Media

    The panelists discussed the topic, “Good Media for Kids Can Make a Difference.” They were moderated by James Steyer and Charles Ogletree. Topics included the future of children’s media, the definition of…

  • Childrens Media
    Last Aired

    Children\'s Media

    A conference was held on the effect on children of growing up in an environment saturated by media. Among televisions, the Internet, iPods, movie screens, cell phones, and video games,…