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  • National Security  Freedom of the Press
    Last Aired

    Thomas Friedman on National Security and Freedom

    Thomas Friedman discussed freedom in an interview by Marvin Kalb. Topics included the intersection of national security and freedom in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about National Security Agency…

  • 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington
    Last Aired

    50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    Participants who were part of the early 1960s civil rights movement talked about the 1963 March on Washington, when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Speakers: Marvin Kalb,…

  • Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press
    Last Aired

    Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press

    Former ABC News reporter and anchor Ted Koppel talked about the state of network news and news consumption, and how the Internet have affected the quality of reporting. He was interviewed by Marvin…

  • Lara Logan on Coverage of Foreign Conflicts
    Last Aired

    Lara Logan on Coverage of Foreign Conflicts

    CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan was interviewed by Marvin Kalb about her career in and the nature of foreign conflict coverage. She spoke bluntly about her perspective on U.S.…

  • Journalists Coverage of September 11 Attacks
    Last Aired

    Journalists' Coverage of September 11 Attacks

    Current and former news anchors for ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX talked about their coverage of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the decade since. Marvin Kalb moderated. This program was part of the…

  • Vast Wasteland Retrospective
    Last Aired

    "Vast Wasteland" Retrospective

    Julius Genachowski and Newton Minow spoke about the future of the telecommunications industry, their experiences as chairmen at the Federal Communications Commission, and the impact of new technologies on…

  • emHaunting Legacyem
    Last Aired

    Haunting Legacy

    Marvin and Deborah Kalb looked at how the Vietnam War has affected presidential decisions regarding going to war since 1975. During this event at the National Press Club the co-authors were…

  • emNew York Timesem Behind the Scenes
    Last Aired

    New York Times Behind the Scenes

    The executive editor of the New York Times and its Washington bureau chief discussed their operations in the digital age and ways that newspapers and other traditional news organizations…

  • Conversation with Diane Sawyer
    Last Aired

    Conversation with Diane Sawyer

    Marvin Kalb interviewed Diane Sawyer about her experiences as a journalist and the state of the news industry. Among the topics she addressed were the transformation of journalism, the…

  • 2010 Midterm Election Preview
    Last Aired

    2010 Midterm Election Preview

    Pollsters talked about the results of the final Politico and George Washington University Battleground Poll for the next day’s 2010 midterm elections. The poll was conducted by Republican…

  • Future of Journalism and the Media
    Last Aired

    Future of Journalism and the Media

    Rupert Murdoch talked about his perspectives on the future of journalism and the media. Marvin Kalb moderated. “Rupert Murdoch: The Making of a Modern Media Mogul” was an installment of the…

  • Future of Journalism
    Last Aired

    Future of Journalism

    Journalism executives discussed the future of journalism in a fast-changing environment and how they plan to guide an industry in transition. Martin Kalb moderated. The panelists responded…

  • A Conversation with Dan Rather
    Last Aired

    A Conversation with Dan Rather

    During the opening forum of a seven-part “Kalb Report” series titled “Journalism at the Crossroads,” Mr. Rather joined Mr. Kalb for a discussion of the recent terrorist attacks on America.…