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  • Afghanistan Humanitarian Situation
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan Humanitarian Situation

    Witnesses testified about the refugee crisis in Afghanistan. Among the topics they addressed were the existing problems created by the long standing civil war, increased pressures caused by…

  • Weapons Technology Transfer from Russia to Iran
    Last Aired

    Weapons Technology Transfer from Russia to Iran

    State Department officials testified about a 1995 agreement approved by Vice President Gore and then Prime Minister Chernomyrdin allowing sales of Russian conventional weapons to Iran despite a…

  • Threat of Extremist Movements to the US
    Last Aired

    Threat of Extremist Movements to the U.S.

    Witnesses testified about potential terrorist threats to the U.S. and ways to combat terrorism by small groups with international ties. Among the issues discussed were which groups posed…

  • Situation in Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Situation in Pakistan

    Secretary Inderfurth testified regarding the military coup in Pakistan. He focused on the U.S. response to the coup, and the prompt return of civilian rule. He also talked about the need…

  • Nuclear Testing in Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Testing in Pakistan

    Mr. Inderfurth testified about measures taken by the administration to halt further testing by Pakistan and India, and to bolster the stability of the region. Mr. Schneider talked about the failure of…

  • Nuclear Testing in India
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Testing in India

    Subcommittee members heard testimony from experts on the region concerning the recent nuclear testing that has occurred in India. The subcommittee will examine the effect the testing will…

  • Iraqi Internal Politics
    Last Aired

    Iraqi Internal Politics

    Committee members heard testimony from foreign policy experts and a leader of anti-Hussein opposition in Iraq on whether Hussein can be overthrown. Mr. Chalabi testified about his new plans for…

  • USVietnam Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Vietnam Relations

    Mr. Lord and other administration officials testified concerning the administration’s decision to lift the embargo against Vietnam and relax tensions between the two countries.

  • October Surprise Investigation Day 2
    Last Aired

    October Surprise Investigation Day 2

    The subcommittee heard testimony from Mr. Gary Sick, the author of ‘An October Surprise’ and a member of the National Security Council during the Carter administration. He alleges that members of…

  • October Surprise Investigation
    Last Aired

    October Surprise Investigation

    The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near East and South Asian Affairs continued to hear testimony on proposed “October Surprise” legislation. The legislation would create a task…