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  • Analysis of Presidential Debates
    Last Aired

    Analysis of Presidential Debates

    Journalists and political communication scholars talked about analyzing presidential debates, focusing on what is important beyond “who won” and “who lost.” They discussed debate formats, leadership traits,…

  • Defense and Prosecution of Classified Information Cases
    Last Aired

    Defense and Prosecution of Classified Information Cases

    Panelists talked about investigating and prosecuting cases in which national security violations are alleged, concerns over privacy and free speech issues, the needs of law enforcement and…

  • Criminal Law National Security and the First Amendment
    Last Aired

    Criminal Law, National Security, and the First Amendment

    Panelists talked about the intersection of criminal law, national security, and the First Amendment. Major topics included the Pentagon Papers, the AIPAC Espionage Act case, recent…

  • Michael Hayden Remarks
    Last Aired

    Michael Hayden Remarks

    Michael Hayden gave the luncheon address at a First Amendment Center day-long discussion entitled, “Criminal Law, National Security and the First Amendment.” He focused on the relationship…

  • Womens Participation at the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Women's Participation at the Supreme Court

    Panelists talked about the history of women lawyers, the challenges women face in the legal profession, and the role women lawyers have played in oral arguments before the Supreme Court. The panel, which included…

  • emMarbury v Madisonem and Judicial Review
    Last Aired

    Marbury v. Madison and Judicial Review

    U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens moderated a discussion on the crucial 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison that established a judicial right to review whether legislation…

  • Bob Woodward on emThe Secret Man the Story of Watergates Deep Throatem
    Last Aired

    The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat

    Bob Woodward talked about his book The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate’s Deep Throat, published by Simon and Schuster. Former assistant director of the FBI Mark Felt recently revealed that he was Deep…

  • Covering the US Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Covering the U.S. Supreme Court

    Former Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse talked about her career with retired Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Walter Dellinger made introductory remarks, and Ronald Collins moderated.…

  • Parental Rights in Education
    Last Aired

    Parental Rights in Education

    Participants discussed the rights of parents to determine curriculum and school practices for their children. They examined the importance of parental involvement in education as well as…

  • Science Space and the Media
    Last Aired

    Science, Space and the Media

    The participants discussed media coverage of science and space news stories. They explored the relationship between the news media and the scientific community, whether the media has the…

  • Feedom of Speech
    Last Aired

    Feedom of Speech

    Mr. Gartner spoke on First Amendment issues as part of a conference celebrating the 200th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights.