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  • Discussion on Combating the Islamic State ISISISIL
    Last Aired

    Combating ISIS

    Regional experts and a former U.S. Army colonel who served in Iraq talked about the role played by Shiite militias in Syria and Iran in the fight against ISIS. The Islamic State of Iraq…

  • Discussion on Moderate Islam
    Last Aired

    Islam and Countering Radical Ideology

    Two Muslim academics talked about how to counter extremism within Islam. Much of their discussion concerned how to encourage moderate and reformist movements.

  • Discussion on the Middle East Peace Process
    Last Aired

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Einat Wilf and Ghaith al-Omari talked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what the prospects are for a two-state solution. Ms. Wilf presented her study, Aligning Policy with…

  • Discussion on French Reaction to the Paris Terrorist Attacks
    Last Aired

    French Foreign Policy and Combating ISIS

    French academics and former diplomats talked about the impact of the Paris terrorist attacks on French foreign and domestic policies, as well as the country’s efforts to combat the ISIS* in…

  • Discussion on Russias Role in the Conflict in Syria
    Last Aired

    Russia and Syria Military Relationship

    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy hosted a discussion on Russian military buildup in Syria. They considered what a Russian presence means for the multifaceted Syrian opposition,…

  • Discussion on Rehabilitating Returning Terrorist Fighters
    Last Aired

    ISIS Recruitment of Foreign Fighters

    Panelists talked about the increasing number of foreign fighters joining the ISIS* cause. They focused on how nations can rehabilitate and reintegrate citizens returning from fighting for…

  • Discussion on Federal Counterterrorism Efforts
    Last Aired

    Islamic State Finances

    Gerald Roberts talked about his work leading the federal government’s global terrorist financing investigations, focusing on his latest efforts against ISIS.* He spoke about how ISIS finances…

  • Discussion on Iranian Influence in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Iraq-Iran Relations

    Panelists talked about talked about Iran’s influence on the security and political landscape in Iraq. They also discussed Iran’s support to Iraqi Shiite militias, known as Popular…

  • Discussion on USIsrael Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Israel Relations

    Panelists talked about the history and future of U.S.-Israel relations, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming U.S. visit. Longtime Middle East and national security…