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  • emSoviet Internal Propagandaem
    Last Aired

    Soviet Internal Propaganda

    This CIA film from 1985 details what the agency argued was a vast system of indoctrination in the Soviet Union which discouraged individualism and encouraged passive acceptance of Kremlin rule…

  • Declassified CIA Documents on the Cold War Soviet Navy
    Last Aired

    Declassified CIA Documents on the Cold War Soviet Navy

    A panel of CIA analysts and navy historians talked about recently declassified Cold War documents on the Soviet Navy. Co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Museum of the U.S. Navy…

  • emSoviet Medias Portrait of the United Statesem
    Last Aired

    Soviet Media's Portrait of the United States

    This CIA video briefing from 1986 depicts how Soviet state-run media portrayed America. In 2011, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Information Management Services declassified over 200…