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  • Civil War Battle Tactics
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    Civil War Battle Tactics

    David Powell talked about Civil War-era military theories, battle tactics, and formations. He described what military manuals were used and what changes were adopted over the course of the war. This…

  • Army of Tennessees Assault at Franklin
    Last Aired

    Army of Tennessee's Assault at Franklin

    Lee White talked about the Confederate Army of Tennessee’s failed assault at the Battle of Franklin. In November 1864, after Union General William Sherman captured Atlanta and began his “March to the Sea,”…

  • Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
    Last Aired

    Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

    Chris Mackowski talked about the May 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, which pitted Ulysses S. Grant and his Union forces against Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Mr. Mackowski detailed the…

  • General James Longstreets Assault at Chickamauga
    Last Aired

    General James Longstreet's Assault at Chickamauga

    James Ogden examined General James Longstreet’s assault at Chickamauga and assesses the actions of the general during the battle. He argued that there was a difference between the formation Longstreet had planned…

  • Great Attacks of the Civil War
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    Great Attacks of the Civil War

    Historians talked about great attacks of the Civil War. They discussed what factors should be considered in evaluating engagements and which battles had the most military or symbolic significance. The…

  • Federal Breakthrough at Petersburg
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    Federal Breakthrough at Petersburg

    Edward Alexander, author of Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg, March 25-April 2, 1865, talked about the engagements between Confederate and Union forces around Petersburg, Virginia, in the spring of…

  • Battle of the Wilderness and Longstreets Counterattack
    Last Aired

    Battle of the Wilderness and Longstreet's Counterattack

    Kristopher White talked about Confederate General James Longstreet’s counterattack during the May 1864 Battle of the Wilderness in northern Virginia. Mr. White described the aims of both the Union and…

  • John Bell Hoods Assault at Atlanta
    Last Aired

    John Bell Hood's Assault at Atlanta

    Stephen Davis talked about the 1864 Battle of Atlanta and the engagements on July 22 just outside the city. He focused on Confederate General John Bell Hood’s attack on Union forces commanded by William Tecumseh…