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  • Republican Agenda in 106th Congress
    Last Aired

    Republican Agenda in 106th Congress

    Representative Watts talked about the Republican agenda for the 106th Congress. Among the topics he raised were tax reform, the environment, urban issues, and poverty. He said that any…

  • Diplomatic Relations between US and China
    Last Aired

    Diplomatic Relations between U.S. and China

    Ambassador Zhaoxing talked about how diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China have improved. He also stated that American exports to China have created many job opportunities. He…

  • emA Man in Fullem
    Last Aired

    A Man in Full

    In a humorous speech, Mr. Wolfe talked about his new book, A Man in Full, and also about the writing industry. He focused on how novelists need to branch out from what they know to stand…

  • Preventing Teen Pregnancy
    Last Aired

    Preventing Teen Pregnancy

    Ms. Fonda talked about her efforts to advise young people about the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. She talked about the problem of teenage pregnancy and describes how her organization…

  • The Internet The Peoples Media
    Last Aired

    The Internet: The People's Media

    Mr. Drudge discussed the Internet, dubbing it “the people’s media,” and talked about the ways in which news that is not reported in the mainstream media can be generated and reported on the…

  • National Press Club 90th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    National Press Club 90th Anniversary

    Senator Thurmond spoke at the National Press Club on its 90th anniversary. He reflected on the events of the past century and the importance of U.S. influence in the future. He also took…

  • America OnLine
    Last Aired

    America OnLine

    Mr. Case talked about the different forces in society that shape the Internet. He focused on legislation passed by Congress dealing with protection for consumers and about possible Internet…

  • Wildlife Issues
    Last Aired

    Wildlife Issues

    Mr. Van Putten talked about the Endangered Species Act and the problems that are occurring with protecting endangered species. He also commented on land-use planning in reference to loss of…

  • Economic Issues
    Last Aired

    Economic Issues

    Mr. Jackson spoke about the ever widening gap between the wealthy and the poor in our society. He particularly mentioned the conditions in Appalachia. He stated that the U.S. needs…

  • Social Security Issues
    Last Aired

    Social Security Issues

    Mr. Apfel talked about the importance of strengthening Social Security for the generations to come. He stated that Social Security is not in crisis at the present, however, the time to save it is…

  • McGrory Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    McGrory Fourth Estate Award

    Journalists honored Ms. McGrory for her distinguished career in journalism. In accepting the National Press Club’s annual Fourth Estate Award she related several humorous experiences from…

  • Why Homeownership Matters
    Last Aired

    Why Homeownership Matters

    Mr. Johnson discussed home ownership, stressing that it helps decrease crime in neighborhoods, raises school standards, and furthers the cause of civil rights. After his remarks he answered…

  • Emergency Management
    Last Aired

    Emergency Management

    Mr. Witt talked about how FEMA is preparing for disasters before they strike. He stated that FEMA is trying to do more for the prevention of disasters. After his prepared remarks he took…

  • Nike In the Global Economy
    Last Aired

    Nike In the Global Economy

    Mr. Knight talked about his company and its evolution from his selling running shoes out of the back of his car trunk to becoming a giant in the industry. He also touched on recent…

  • Colombian President Address
    Last Aired

    Colombian President Address

    President Pastrana discussed the struggle to gain peace from terrorism and drug trafficking in Columbia. He focused on the addition of military helicopters from the U.S. that will assist…

  • Danger of Political Myopia
    Last Aired

    Danger of Political Myopia

    Senator Lieberman talked about the importance of congressional bipartisanship and U.S. involvement in global affairs. After his prepared remarks, he took questions from the audience.

  • Scholarship Choices for Low Income Children
    Last Aired

    Scholarship Choices for Low Income Children

    Mr. Fortsmann spoke about the creation of the scholarship program to help low income children receive a college education. He designed the program to benefit single mothers and low income…

  • Cold War Experiences
    Last Aired

    Cold War Experiences

    Former Secretary Baker spoke about the Cold War Era and the lessons which were gained from the period. He felt that the Cold War demonstrated that solid leadership is imperative to any…

  • National Endowment for the Arts
    Last Aired

    National Endowment for the Arts

    William Ivey talked about American art and its importance to our country’s culture and values. Our creativity is our "nation’s greatest resource". He described the importance of the NEA as…

  • AntiSmoking Campaign
    Last Aired

    Anti-Smoking Campaign

    Surgeon General Koop and Mr. Kessler discussed the side effects of smoking and the damage it has on American’s health. They also spoke on the tobacco industry and how they tend to hide the…

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