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  • emMary McGroryem
    Last Aired

    Mary McGrory

    John Norris talked about his book Mary McGrory: The First Queen of Journalism, in which he remembers the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Mary McGrory, who covered 12 presidential…

  • emAssignment to Hellem
    Last Aired

    Assignment to Hell

    Timothy Gay presents a history of American war reportage during World War II. The author followed five journalists as they reported from the front lines of battle, Walter Cronkite (United Press), Andy…

  • emKeys to the Kingdom A Novel of Suspenseem
    Last Aired

    Keys to the Kingdom: A Novel of Suspense

    Former Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) presented his novel that centers around the murder of a senator who is killed just prior to his op-ed on the investigation into the September 11 terrorist attacks is…

  • The Tobacco Industry
    Last Aired

    The Tobacco Industry

    Nick Brookes talked about the tobacco industry’s efforts to be more open about the dangers of smoking and about its efforts to curb teen smoking. He said that critics of the industry had…

  • Terrorism
    Last Aired


    Mr. Wiesel discussed the Holocaust, human rights, and his writing. He also talked about terrorism and the threat it posed to future peace. Following his remarks he responded to questions…

  • Humor in Public Life
    Last Aired

    Humor in Public Life

    Secretary Glickman talked about the role that humor plays in public life and its importance in leadership roles. He also reflected on humorous stories from his tenure as Secretary of…

  • emNightmare Hourem
    Last Aired

    Nightmare Hour

    Mr. Stine spoke to young readers about his writings and read excerpts from his new book Nightmare Hour. Mr. Stine has been named the most popular children’s book author in history by…

  • Investigative Reporting
    Last Aired

    Investigative Reporting

    Mr. Woodward spoke about the state of investigative reporting since the 1960's. He also focused on the public backlash against the press, the coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and…

  • Administration Foreign Policy Goals
    Last Aired

    Administration Foreign Policy Goals

    Mr. Berger spoke about the foreign policy achievements of the Clinton administration. Among the issues he addressed were the prospects for Middle East peace as well as conflicts in Bosnia,…

  • Year 2000 Readiness
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Readiness

    Mr. Koskinen spoke about efforts to protect America’s infrastructure from any potential computer problems resulting from the date change on January 1, 2000. He said that government…

  • Urban Education
    Last Aired

    Urban Education

    Mr. Price talked about the implementation of higher standards in America’s public schools. He stressed that higher standards are needed but they should not be implemented until efforts have…

  • Homelessness Issues
    Last Aired

    Homelessness Issues

    Mrs. Gore spoke about several programs designed to relieve the problems of homelessness, especially for those who are mentally ill. She concentrated on ways federal assistance could be…

  • Bauer Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Bauer Campaign Speech

    Mr. Bauer talked about what his focus would be should he be elected, including the reform of the national income tax, the restoration of the family as the core of American life, and…

  • American Theater
    Last Aired

    American Theater

    Ms. Smith talked about the 49-year history of the Arena Stage theater in Washington, DC. She described the development of not-for-profit theaters, as well as the outreach, school and…

  • US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy

    Ambassador Rohatyn talked about relations between the U.S. and France, focusing on French attitudes toward American democracy, the economic integration of Europe, and Europe’s role in the…

  • Why Is There A Marine Corps
    Last Aired

    Why Is There A Marine Corps?

    General Jones talked about the mission of the Marine Corps. He focused on the need for equipment modernization, and their role in foreign affairs. After his prepared remarks he answered…

  • Media Coverage of the 2000 Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the 2000 Presidential Campaign

    As part of a conference, “Are We Asking the Right Questions?: A Conference on Watchdog Journalism for Campaign 2000,” former Senator Simpson and journalists talked about media campaign coverage. They covered…

  • Adoption Issues
    Last Aired

    Adoption Issues

    Mr. Thomas talked about the start of his restaurant chain and the success of the business. He also focused on his own adoption and his efforts to increase adoption awareness. He spoke about…

  • South African Issues
    Last Aired

    South African Issues

    Archbishop Tutu talked about the end of apartheid, the election of Nelson Mandela, and South Africa in the age of reconciliation. After his comments he answered questions from the audience.…

  • Youth Crime in Americas Cities
    Last Aired

    Youth Crime in America's Cities

    Mayor Menino was in Washington to unveil a new institute to serve youth, education and families and to improve the quality of life in towns and cities. The mayor is chairman of the National…

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