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  • Scott Pelley Remarks at National Press Club Luncheon
    Last Aired

    Scott Pelley Remarks at National Press Club Luncheon

    Scott Pelley, CBS “60 Minutes” correspondent, discussed his memoir, Truth Worth Telling, at a National Press Club luncheon. He talked about some of his concerns around American journalism…

  • Human Rights Sanctions and Protecting Journalists
    Last Aired

    Human Rights Sanctions and Protecting Journalists

    Former State Department officials talked about protecting journalists around the world. Topics included the death of Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi and…

  • Al Jazeera Director on Freedom of the Press
    Last Aired

    Al Jazeera Director on Freedom of the Press

    Mostefa Souag, the director general of the Al Jazeera network, discussed press freedom at a National Press Club headliners luncheon. Mr. Souag highlighted Al Jazeera’s independence as a network before…

  • The Press and Public Trust
    Last Aired

    The Press and Public Trust

    Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, spoke at a National Press Club luncheon. He talked about his philanthropic efforts to support journalism research, training, and news gathering. He…

  • Attorney Gives Keynote Address at First Amendment Conference
    Last Aired

    First Amendment in the Digital Age, Floyd Abrams Remarks

    Constitutional law attorney Floyd Abrams was a keynote speaker at a symposium on First Amendment issues. He criticized President Trump’s attacks on the press and accused him of having an…

  • Journalists Discuss the Panama Papers
    Last Aired

    Panama Papers

    Journalists involved in the reporting of the Panama Papers* data breach talked about those documents and data reporting. Speakers included reporters from the International Consortium of…

  • emMary McGroryem
    Last Aired

    Mary McGrory

    John Norris talked about his book Mary McGrory: The First Queen of Journalism, in which he remembers the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Mary McGrory, who covered 12 presidential…

  • Discussion on Hillary Clintons Email Records
    Last Aired

    Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Account

    Panelists talked about the policy implications of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct government business while serving as secretary of State. The speakers explained…

  • Alice Dunnigan Ethel Payne and the Black Press
    Last Aired

    Alice Dunnigan, Ethel Payne, and the Black Press

    Carol Booker, who edited Alice Dunnigan’s autobiography, Alone Atop the Hill, and James McGrath Morris, author of Eye on the Struggle, a biography of Ethel Payne, talked about the two…

  • Discussion on Race Coverage in America
    Last Aired

    Race Coverage in America

    Panelists talked about media coverage of race issues following grand jury decisions not to indict officers in police shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York. They also…

  • Discussion on the Future of Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan Outlook

    Matthew Rosenberg talked about the outlook for Afghanistan’s political and national security future. He also discussed his concerns about the corruption in Afghanistan, the stalemate over…

  • National Security  Freedom of the Press
    Last Aired

    Thomas Friedman on National Security and Freedom

    Thomas Friedman discussed freedom in an interview by Marvin Kalb. Topics included the intersection of national security and freedom in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about National Security Agency…

  • Panelists Debate Open Government
    Last Aired

    Government Public Affairs Offices and Transparency

    Journalists and former government public affairs officials talked about the role of government public affairs offices and whether their roles help or hinder government openness. The panelists responded…

  • Gerald Ford Journalism Awards
    Last Aired

    Gerald Ford Journalism Awards

    CNN senior political analyst David Gergen and Representative Fred Upton (R-MI) were the featured speakers at the 26th annual Gerald Ford Journalism Award luncheon. They focused on Gerald…

  • Ken Burns on emThe Central Park Fiveem
    Last Aired

    Ken Burns on The Central Park Five

    Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns discussed his new documentary The Central Park Five. It tells the story of five black and Latino teens who were wrongly convicted of raping a jogger in New York…

  • Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press
    Last Aired

    Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press

    Former ABC News reporter and anchor Ted Koppel talked about the state of network news and news consumption, and how the Internet have affected the quality of reporting. He was interviewed by Marvin…

  • emAssignment to Hellem
    Last Aired

    Assignment to Hell

    Timothy Gay presents a history of American war reportage during World War II. The author followed five journalists as they reported from the front lines of battle, Walter Cronkite (United Press), Andy…

  • Gerald Ford Journalism Awards
    Last Aired

    Gerald Ford Journalism Awards

    Chris Matthews was the featured speaker at the presentation of the 25th annual Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation journalism awards. The Ford Presidential Foundation honored the winners of…

  • Future of Journalism
    Last Aired

    Future of Journalism

    Tim Armstrong and Arianna Huffington talked about the merger of their companies in February 2011, and the impact of the Internet on journalism. Ms. Huffington also spoke about the phone hacking…

  • Freedom of Expression and Journalism
    Last Aired

    Freedom of Expression and Journalism

    Commentator and author Juan Williams spoke at a National Press Club Luncheon about his firing from National Public Radio (NPR) in 2010 following comments he made about Muslims on the “O’Reilly…

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