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  • Robotics and Jurisprudence
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    Robotics and Jurisprudence

    Ian Kerr and Carissima Mathen presented their paper on how robots may eventually replace judges. They were joined in discussion by Jack Balkin. “Chief Justice John Roberts Is a Robot” was a panel of…

  • Robotic Surveillance and the Law
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    Robotic Surveillance and the Law

    Kevin Bankston and Amie Stepanovich presented their paper about the use of robots to analyze mass communications, related privacy issues, and legal and policy perspectives on this type of surveillance. Professor…

  • Robotics and Cyberlaw
    Last Aired

    Robotics and Cyberlaw

    Law Professor Ryan Calo presented his paper on the intersection of robotics and cyberlaw and what the future may hold for the two disciplines. He was joined in discussion by Professor David Post. “Robotics…