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  • Trends in Suspicious Activity Reports
    Last Aired

    Trends in Suspicious Activity Reports

    Financial experts and government officials talked about federal efforts to end money laundering, as well as detecting and reporting suspicious practices linked to money laundering.…

  • Federal Regulatory Agencies
    Last Aired

    Federal Regulatory Agencies

    Officials and attorneys spoke about enforcement of regulations and laws by various agencies and departments. Among the topics they addressed were various types of fraud, predatory…

  • September 11 and the US Constitution
    Last Aired

    September 11 and the U.S. Constitution

    At the 2002 annual meeting of the American Bar Association, panelists discussed whether the September 11 attacks will change the U.S. Constitution. They answered questions from the audience…

  • Mock Court Argument on Military Tribunals
    Last Aired

    Mock Court Argument on Military Tribunals

    At the ABA’s annual convention, attorneys held a mock court session. Attorneys representing terrorism suspects and attorneys representing the government argued their cases before a panel of…

  • Trials of Accused Terrorists
    Last Aired

    Trials of Accused Terrorists

    In a forum titled, “Terror on Trial: Media Issues for the Judiciary,” participants talked about legal issues surrounding efforts to combat terrorism, the status of detainees from operations…

  • House of Delegates Meeting
    Last Aired

    House of Delegates Meeting

    The ABA House of Delegates voted on various reports and elected officers and members of the board of governors. Mr. Cheek gave details of a preliminary report by the Task Force on Corporate…

  • Thurgood Marshall Stamp Unveiling
    Last Aired

    Thurgood Marshall Stamp Unveiling

    As part of the ABA’s annual meeting, the U.S. Postal Service unveiled the Thurgood Marshall stamp. The late justice is the 2003 honoree in the Postal Services black heritage series. After…

  • Military Tribunals
    Last Aired

    Military Tribunals

    Panelists talked about issues of military law, national security, and public policy raised by the recent recreation of military tribunals by the president. Among the topics they addressed…

  • Disclosure of Classified Information
    Last Aired

    Disclosure of Classified Information

    In the Crystal City Marriott Hotel, the panelists talked about safeguarding national security, focusing on leaks of classified information and the balance between freedom of the press and…

  • Dialogue on Freedom
    Last Aired

    Dialogue on Freedom

    Justice Kennedy and Professor Miller talked with New York University students about American rights, democratic values, and foreign views of the United States.

  • Dialogue on Freedom
    Last Aired

    Dialogue on Freedom

    The first lady participated in a discussion with high school students about American civic values and their compatibility with other cultures. Justice Kennedy developed the program that he called the…

  • Detention of Foreign Nationals and Immigration Practices
    Last Aired

    Detention of Foreign Nationals and Immigration Practices

    As part of an annual meeting titled, “Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice,” panelists talked about balancing homeland security and civil liberties in the detention of foreign nationals…

  • The Government Wants to Know
    Last Aired

    The Government Wants to Know

    In a panel titled “The Government Wants to Know: Responding to Requests for Employee Background Checks and Other Data,” participants talked about employment background checks, civil rights…

  • Terrorist Detention and Prosecution
    Last Aired

    Terrorist Detention and Prosecution

    The panelists talked about the detention and prosecution of terrorists, focusing on the balance between individual liberties and the need to protect the public. Following their prepared…

  • House of Delegates Meeting Afternoon Session
    Last Aired

    House of Delegates Meeting, Afternoon Session

    Delegates conducted business. Introduced by outgoing president Hirshon, incoming president Mr. Carlton addressed the delegates.

  • Labor Department
    Last Aired

    Labor Department

    Mr. Scalia talked about the Department of Labor and the role of the solicitor’s office, especially enforcement of labor regulations. After his remarks he answered questions from members of…

  • National Security Law  Constitutional and International Law
    Last Aired

    National Security Law: Constitutional and International Law

    Panelists talked about domestic and international law governing the use of force. Among the topics they addressed were preemptive military action against rogue states, war powers issues,…

  • US Role in Middle East Peace Negotiations
    Last Aired

    U.S. Role in Middle East Peace Negotiations

    Mr. Krauthammer and Mr. Ross talked about the current situation in the Middle East and what role the U.S. might play in helping to negotiate a peaceful settlement in the conflict. After…

  • International Criminal Tribunals
    Last Aired

    International Criminal Tribunals

    Participants talked about the operation of international war crimes tribunals, judicial procedures, and the jurisdiction of the court. Following their remarks they answered questions from…

  • National Security Law  Capitol Hill Perspective
    Last Aired

    National Security Law: Capitol Hill Perspective

    Congressional staff members talked about legal issues involved in homeland security and about the establishment of a Department of Homeland Security. They also responded to questions from…

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