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    World War II Allied Spy and Debutante

    Howard Blum talked about the life of Betty Pack, a Washington, D.C., debutante who worked as a spy for both the British and Americans during World War II. Mr. Blum described her ability to seduce…

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    World War II War Crimes Trials

    Peter Maguire talked about the legacy of the Nuremberg trials and described how, in the 1950s, the Germans questioned the validity of the sentences, which often resulted in pardons or paroles. Gerhard Weinberg…

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    Locating and Returning Remains of U.S. Service Members

    Two authors and a POW/MIA historian discussed efforts to locate and return the remains of deceased American service members in the aftermath of World War II. “Those Left Behind” was part of the…

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    Office of Strategic Services World War II Veteran

    Ninety-five-year-old Office of Strategic Services (OSS) veteran U.S. Army Major General John Singlaub (Retired) recalled some of his many missions in Europe and Asia. Following World War II, General Singlaub…

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    Cartoonist Bill Maudlin's Post-World War II Career

    Todd DePastino talked about World War II cartoonist Bill Mauldin’s post-war career. Mr. DePastino is the editor of two books that chronicle Bill Mauldin’s work. “Willie and Joe Back Home: Bill Mauldin and…

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    Pursuit of German and Japanese War Criminals

    Authors talked about the fate of German and Japanese war criminals in the aftermath of World War II. “Pursuit of War Criminals: To Punish or to Partner?” was part of the multi-day 2016 International…

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    American Resistance in Nazi Germany

    Alex Kershaw talked about the Jacksons, an American family who aided the French Resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris. They lived on Avenue Foch, a street where many Gestapo and SS officers resided during…

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    The FBI and a Nazi Spy Ring

    Peter Duffy described the story of an FBI double agent who helped expose a Nazi spy ring in New York. He talked about how the mission was developed and how it made use of a hidden camera to gather…

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    World War II Spies and Codebreakers

    Sir Max Hastings talked about the significance of espionage for each side during World War II. He described how information was gathered and if it had an impact on the movement of physical forces. He…