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  • Green Party Presidential Convention
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    Green Party Presidential Convention

    The 2008 U.S. Green Party National Nominating Convention was held in the Chicago Symphony Center. 2004 Green Party Vice Presidential Nominee Patricia LaMarche introduced this year’s vice presidential candidate,…

  • Third Parties Presidential Debate
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    Third Parties Presidential Debate

    Third party presidential candidates debated a variety of issues. These included: the war in Iraq, health care, the environment, education, and the economy. Both candidates made prepared…

  • Green Party Founding
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    Green Party Founding

    Party officials spoke to reporters about the launch of a national Green Party and talked about efforts to elect members in local and state elections.

  • Nader News Conference
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    Nader News Conference

    On the day after his loss in the national presidential election, Mr. Nader talked with reporters about the election results, and the future of the Green Party. He criticized both the…

  • Green Party Speech
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    Green Party Speech

    Professor Marable called for the development of a just and humane society in the 21st century. He insisted that the Green Party must be courageous in the face of established political power…

  • Green Party Speech
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    Green Party Speech

    Mr. Wolfe talked about health care reform and the pharmaceutical industry. He noted that health care was the single largest component of the American economy. He also pointed out the…

  • Green Party Speech
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    Green Party Speech

    Ms. Northrop talked about the high ideals that the Green Party should hold, but cautioned against being sure one has the answers all the time. She also raised issues related to sexuality.…

  • Green Party Convention Opening Ceremonies
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    Green Party Convention Opening Ceremonies

    Speakers encouraged their fellow Green party members to fight for their beliefs this election season. They emphasized the progress being made across the country in their fight for a more…

  • Green Politics and Inclusive Democracy
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    Green Politics and Inclusive Democracy

    Panel members talked about the platform of the Green Party, including environmental responsibility and peace initiatives. They talked about the rise of third parties, how best to get…

  • Official Formation of the Green PartyUSA
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    Official Formation of the Green Party-USA

    Representatives from the Greens Coordinating Committee and the Alaska Green Party held a news conference to announce the formation of a national political party based on environmental…