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  • The Future of the Newspaper
    Last Aired

    The Future of the Newspaper

    Publishers and newspaper executives talked about the future of the news industry, the role of print media, use of the Internet by news organizations, business models and consumer attitudes…

  • New Media Technology
    Last Aired

    New Media Technology

    Media leaders talked about adapting to new technology. Persons who are making the transition from print to Internet talked about their experiences with the many-to-many interactivity that…

  • US Business Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    U.S. Business Competitiveness

    Moderated by Stephen Friedman, business executives talked about competitiveness and how the U.S. compares with the rest of the world. Topics included inflation, productivity, U.S. employee…

  • Young Technology Leaders
    Last Aired

    Young Technology Leaders

    David Kirkpatrick moderated a forum titled “Who Are the New Revolutionaries?” Young people who play important roles in new technologies talked about the fast pace of change. Topics included…

  • Future of Broadcast News
    Last Aired

    Future of Broadcast News

    Walter Isaacson moderated a discussion on the future of broadcast news. Ms. Couric and Mr. Schieffer spoke about their experiences in various television news programming, the role of the anchor…

  • Television Cinema and American Values
    Last Aired

    Television, Cinema, and American Values

    At the Aspen Ideas Festival Mr. Anderson moderated a panel featuring television producer Norman Lear, actor and filmmaker Sydney Pollack, and author and filmmaker Nora Ephron. They talked…

  • Conservatism in America
    Last Aired

    Conservatism in America

    At the Aspen Ideas Festival, panel members, moderated by Priscilla Painton, discussed “The State of Conservatism in America.” Topics included the history of conservatism, the September 11…

  • The Legacy of Paul Nitze
    Last Aired

    The Legacy of Paul Nitze

    Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz described the national security legacy of Paul Nitze, who served six presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Ronald Reagan. He was a former Secretary of the…

  • American Education System
    Last Aired

    American Education System

    A panel discussion titled “Grading America’s Education” was held at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The panel, moderated by Walter Isaacson, was sponsored by the Educational Testing Service.…

  • Founding Fathers and Cyberspace
    Last Aired

    Founding Fathers and Cyberspace

    Mr. Gifford moderated a panel discussion that related the Founding Fathers to the Internet and other communications developments. Mr. Isaacson spoke about how Benjamin Franklin might feel about the…

  • Enriching Our Lives
    Last Aired

    Enriching Our Lives

    Mr. Kennedy spoke on how to be more effective at work and in everyday life. He used examples from history to demonstrate the way to be most effective is to work as a community and not as…

  • Media Madness The Revolution So Far
    Last Aired

    Media Madness: The Revolution So Far

    As part of a symposium on Journalism and Society, Mr. Frankel discussed changes in media values over the years and the influences of technology. After his prepared remarks, he took…

  • Changes in Technology
    Last Aired

    Changes in Technology

    Mr. Gilder spoke about the transformation from an industrial to an information economy. He emphasized that this economy is only limited by the scarcity of time, both in terms of the speed…

  • Cyberspace and Society
    Last Aired

    Cyberspace and Society

    Mr. Toffler spoke about the ramifications of an information revolution on U.S. society, politics and economy. He examined how this is changing the value of ideas, the role of the home and…

  • Structural Changes in the US Economy
    Last Aired

    Structural Changes in the U.S. Economy

    Mr. Brock spoke about several notions about the U.S. economy in the late 20th century. He examined the reasons for the paradoxical job creation and termination in the U.S. over the last…

  • The Quality of News Media
    Last Aired

    The Quality of News Media

    Mr. Alter talked about the history of news coverage. He believes that the news media are in a crisis of trust and quality, driven by economic concerns. He took questions from the audience.