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  • White House and Congressional Relations
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    White House and Congressional Relations

    Panelists talked about ways to improve White House and congressional relations. Panelists included several former White House chiefs of staff, cabinet secretaries, and a former Senate majority Leader.…

  • Congressional Reform
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    Congressional Reform

    Panelists, including former members of Congress and White House advisers, talked about congressional reform. Video from USA Today was shown. Some of the ideas they discussed were two-year budgets,…

  • Congress and Partisanship
    Last Aired

    Congress and Partisanship

    Six former members of the Senate and House of Representatives talked about ways to end hyper-partisanship in Congress. Topics included the congressional schedule, comity among members, partisanship at the congressional…

  • Partisanship in Politics and Government
    Last Aired

    Partisanship in Politics and Government

    Members of the Commission on Political Reform discussed the causes and consequences of extreme polarization of the American political process. The event opened with a video presentation highlighting…

  • Role of House Speaker Agenda for 1988
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    Role of House Speaker, Agenda for 1988

    Representative James Wright of Texas spoke to the editorial board of USA Today about his opinion on the House of Representatives and praised the splendor and the relative democratic nature…