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  • Saviours Day Speech
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    Saviours Day Speech

    Louis Farrakhan delivered the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours' Day speech, saying it was his farewell. He had ceded leadership duties of the Nation of Islam to an executive board the previous year due to illness. The…

  • Americas Role in the World
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    America's Role in the World

    Mr. Farrakhan talked about U.S. foreign policy in the Arab world, Muslim values, the history of U.S. aggression against Islamic nations, and the dangers of policy toward Iraq and…

  • Saviours Day Speech
    Last Aired

    Saviour's Day Speech

    Minister Farrakhan spoke at an annual gathering of the Nation of Islam. Among the topics he addressed were the impact of terrorist attacks on the U.S., the state of race relations, morality…

  • Farrakhan International Tour
    Last Aired

    Farrakhan International Tour

    Minister Farrakhan spoke at Union Temple before leaving for his third world friendship tour. He talked about the harmful effects that U.S. foreign policy is having all around the world and…

  • District of Columbia Fiscal Crisis
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    District of Columbia Fiscal Crisis

    Minister Farrakhan spoke at a rally to protest the recently passed federal aid package to the District of Columbia. The aid package transfers much control over D.C. operations to a federally…