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  • Feminist Follies
    Last Aired

    Feminist Follies

    Michelle Easton talked with high school students about anti-feminism activism. She talked about her early interest in conservative politics and her personal beliefs. She criticized the feminism…

  • Conservative Political Issues
    Last Aired

    Conservative Political Issues

    Ms. Coulter spoke about presidential campaign politics, the political climate in the country, and the influence of Islam in America. She criticized proponents of liberal ideals, media…

  • Campaign 2008
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008

    Robert Novak talked about the field of presidential candidates 18 months before the 2008 election. He also talked about Scooter Libby and being a conservative in what he sees as a liberal…

  • The Left as Hypocrites
    Last Aired

    The Left as Hypocrites

    Tammy Bruce talked about why her philosophy as a lesbian and a conservative doesn’t always make her welcome in feminist circles. She discussed other contemporary issues including conservatism, higher education,…

  • Conservatism in the US
    Last Aired

    Conservatism in the U.S.

    The panelists talked about issues challenging the conservative movement such as illegal immigration, government spending, and global climate change. Topics included conservative responses…

  • Economic Recovery Tax Act 25th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Economic Recovery Tax Act 25th Anniversary

    Ed Meese, President Reagan’s attorney general and longtime aide, talked about President Reagan’s impact on the country’s politics and the economic foundation of the Reagan Revolution. After his presentation…

  • Economic Recovery Tax Act 25th Anniversary Banquet
    Last Aired

    Economic Recovery Tax Act 25th Anniversary Banquet

    Former Representative Jack Kemp, a longtime supporter of lower taxes and admirer of President Reagan, talked about President Reagan and his tax policies. He was a sponsor of the Kemp-Roth Tax Cut during the…

  • Political Correctness and Diversity on Campus
    Last Aired

    Political Correctness and Diversity on Campus

    Professor Mike Adams talked with students about his perspectives on diversity on college campuses and his belief that political correctness has ‘run amok.’ Topics included the exploitation of…

  • Politics in the Classroom Debate
    Last Aired

    Politics in the Classroom Debate

    In the first of a scheduled series of debates, Ward Churchill and David Horowitz debated “Can Politics Be Taken out of the Classroom, and Should It Be?” Among the topics they addressed were…

  • The Conservative Movement
    Last Aired

    The Conservative Movement

    Mr. Brooks talked to students about the Conservative movement, the social repair of the current young generation, effective leadership and coalition building, and the free market system.…

  • Conservative Politics
    Last Aired

    Conservative Politics

    The youngest member of the House at 29, Rep. McHenry talked about his life, what led him to run for election, what he hopes to accomplish, and what it means to be a young conservative in…

  • Media and the Conservative Movement
    Last Aired

    Media and the Conservative Movement

    Mr. Lowery, editor of National Review, spoke about the magazine and its founder, William F. Buckley. He also discussed the state of the conservative movement in his speech to the Young…

  • Conservative Student Issues
    Last Aired

    Conservative Student Issues

    Mr. Stossel spoke to students about the state of American politics, the conservative movement, and the role of the media in shaping popular opinion. He also talked about the proper role of…

  • Reparations for Slavery
    Last Aired

    Reparations for Slavery

    Syndicated columnist Murdock spoke about the state of race relations in America, and his objection to the concept of slavery reparations. Following his remarks he answered questions from…

  • Conservatism in the Entertainment Industry
    Last Aired

    Conservatism in the Entertainment Industry

    Mr. DiNizio, founder of The Smithereens, discussed the challenges of being an active conservative in the entertainment industry. He ran for U.S. Senate in New Jersey in 2000 as a member of…

  • Role of Government in a Free Society
    Last Aired

    Role of Government in a Free Society

    Mr. Williams spoke about the role of government in a free society. He suggested that the founders of the U.S. government intended to have a small government with limited power, and he used…

  • Feminism in Contemporary Society
    Last Aired

    Feminism in Contemporary Society

    In a talk titled, “The Falsehoods of Feminism,” Ms. Easton discussed the cultural pressures which feminism has placed on women who wish to remain mothers and homemakers. She also commented…

  • New Feminism
    Last Aired

    New Feminism

    Ms. Easton talked about the failures of feminism and what the feminist movement should really stand for. Following her prepared remarks, Ms. Easton answered questions from the audience.