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  • Jesse Jackson Address
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    Jesse Jackson Address

    Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke about the status of racial conflict in the United States. Topics included the state of the Civil Rights Movement, human rights, issues of social justice in the U.S.…

  • Public Speakers Convention
    Last Aired

    Public Speakers Convention

    Mr. Reed talked about the Dole presidential campaign and family and religious values. Mr. Lambro discussed political and social pessimism in the U.S. and speculated about its effect on the…

  • Waste and the Federal Budget
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    Waste and the Federal Budget

    The topic of waste and the federal budget was discussed. Former Senator Proxmire (D-WI) retired from the Senate in 1988. Before that time, he was known for campaigns against spending which he called “wasteful.” He…

  • Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Government Waste

    Mr. Lambro detailed wasteful spending in government, particularly blaming government agencies which no longer serve a useful purpose. Mr. Lambro is author of Fat City, a book which…