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  • Television Coverage of Operation Desert Storm
    Last Aired

    Television Coverage of Operation Desert Storm

    Mr. Arnett described his coverage of the Persian Gulf crisis on CNN and the importance of realistic journalism when covering major news events. He outlined the history of broadcasting in…

  • Jesse Jackson Address
    Last Aired

    Jesse Jackson Address

    Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke about the status of racial conflict in the United States. Topics included the state of the Civil Rights Movement, human rights, issues of social justice in the U.S.…

  • The Fate of the Great Plains
    Last Aired

    The Fate of the Great Plains

    Dr. Popper discussed his research on the economic and environmental fate of the Great Plains region of the United States.

  • Waste and the Federal Budget
    Last Aired

    Waste and the Federal Budget

    The topic of waste and the federal budget was discussed. Former Senator Proxmire (D-WI) retired from the Senate in 1988. Before that time, he was known for campaigns against spending which he called “wasteful.” He…

  • Changes in US Military After Persian Gulf
    Last Aired

    Changes in U.S. Military After Persian Gulf

    Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney delivered an address after receiving the 1991 International Platform Association’s Theodore Roosevelt Award for Public Service at the International Platform…

  • Why Is the Bill of Rights So Misunderstood
    Last Aired

    Why Is the Bill of Rights So Misunderstood?

    Dr. Strosser is a constitutional scholar and law professor at New York Law School. She pointed out that too many Americans do not understand what is in the Bill of Rights, while people in…

  • Childrens Rights Chattel or Citizen
    Last Aired

    Children's Rights: Chattel or Citizen?

    Ms. Cohen spoke on “Children’s Rights: Chattel or Citizen?” Ms. Cohen discussed her work on the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would guarantee the rights…

  • Reduction of Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Reduction of Government Waste

    Mr. Grace described his efforts to reduce government waste and his own personal battles with members of the United States government. He explained the fraud and mismanagement of government…

  • News Behind the Headlines
    Last Aired

    News Behind the Headlines

    Columnist Jack Anderson, chairman of the International Platform Association, spoke at the association’s convention in Washington, DC. In his remarks, Mr. Anderson stressed the importance of preserving…

  • Are the Japanese Taking Over US Economy
    Last Aired

    Are the Japanese Taking Over U.S. Economy?

    Professor Glickman delivered an address entitled, “Are the Japanese Taking Over the American Economy?” to the International Platform Association’s conference in Washington, DC. He depicted…

  • New Zealand and US Trade
    Last Aired

    New Zealand and U.S. Trade

    Ambassador McLean included a brief history of New Zealand, and its relations with the United States. He made clear his objection to protectionist trade practices that have harmed the…

  • Military and Veterans Issues
    Last Aired

    Military and Veterans' Issues

    The publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine discussed the creation of his magazine, and issues related to the U.S. military. He spoke on the recent media coverage on POW-MIA’s in Vietnam…

  • Health Care and Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Health Care and Government Waste

    Dr. Healy discussed the crisis in health care and health insurance in the United States.

  • Technology and Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Technology and Government Waste

    Mr. Davidson is a leader of the taxpayers' movement and co-author of Blood in the Streets. He discussed technology as a major force of change in our society, that “microtechnology reduces the…

  • Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Government Waste

    Mr. Lambro detailed wasteful spending in government, particularly blaming government agencies which no longer serve a useful purpose. Mr. Lambro is author of Fat City, a book which…

  • The Mood in Washington
    Last Aired

    The Mood in Washington

    Ms. Kast discussed the effects of recent world events on Washington politics. She also commented the Reagan and Bush presidential campaigns.

  • Technology and US Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    Technology and U.S. Competitiveness

    Mr. Joseph discussed rapidly developing technology which is influencing every aspect of our lives. He noted that Americans are still complacent in the belief that the U.S. is a world leader…

  • Best Business Speaker Award
    Last Aired

    Best Business Speaker Award

    Mr. McKinnon was chosen by International Platform Association as the best business speaker of the year. He focused on the place of business in today’s world of instant communication and…

  • Government Waste
    Last Aired

    Government Waste

    Mr. Keyes focused on the problems of spending and taxation and what has happened to the United States domestic situation due to mismanagement of government spending. “The inability to administer…

  • Government Waste and Taxation
    Last Aired

    Government Waste and Taxation

    Ms. Hoff and Mr. Webb spoke against the increasing “tax and spend” policies of state and federal lawmakers.

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