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  • ExConfederates and PostCivil War Pardons
    Last Aired

    Ex-Confederates and Post-Civil War Pardons

    Author and former jurist Frank Williams looked at the question facing Union leaders in the post-war era: Should ex-Confederates receive pardons? He discussed President Andrew Johnson’s lenient…

  • Creating the Lincoln Memorial
    Last Aired

    Creating the Lincoln Memorial

    The dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., took place in 1922, almost 60 years after Abraham Lincoln’s death. Harold Holzer talked about his book, Monument Man: The Life and Art…

  • Dreams of Civil War Americans
    Last Aired

    Dreams of Civil War Americans

    Author Jonathan White talked about the dreams of both soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. He detailed the dreams of several individuals and reflected on the underlying…

  • Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton

    Author Walter Stahr talked about the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and his Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, starting from when they first met as attorneys before the Civil War through…

  • Abraham Lincolns Friendships
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln's Friendships

    Scholars talked about Abraham Lincoln’s friendships, both before and after he became president. This discussion was part of the annual Lincoln Forum symposium in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Abraham Lincoln and Immigration
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln and Immigration

    Harold Holzer talked about Abraham Lincoln’s views on immigration policy and immigrant groups in America. He described Lincoln’s efforts to court the German-American vote early in his…

  • People and Ideas That Shaped Lincoln
    Last Aired

    People and Ideas That Shaped Lincoln

    Panelists talked about the people and ideas that shaped Abraham Lincoln’s political persona. Panelists included Harold Holzer, Ronald White, Richard Brookhiser, and Sidney Blumenthal.

  • Lincoln and the Founding Fathers
    Last Aired

    Lincoln and the Founding Fathers

    Richard Brookhiser talked about how the ideas of Founding Fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson influenced Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts and policies during the Civil…

  • Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations
    Last Aired

    Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations

    Author and historian James Swanson compared the assassinations of presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. He described some of their personal similarities as well as the differences…

  • Discussion on the Presidential Campaign of 1864
    Last Aired

    Presidential Campaign of 1864

    Panelists talked about factors that had an impact on President Lincoln’s re-election campaign in 1864. They spoke about President Lincoln’s expansion of presidential war powers and his relationship…

  • US Colored Troops
    Last Aired

    U.S. Colored Troops

    Howard University History Department Chair Edna Greene Medford talked about the establishment, challenges, enlistment, and service of the United States Colored Troops during the U.S. Civil…

  • Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

    Historians and authors talked about the events and circumstances around Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, delivered Nov. 19, 1863, at the dedication ceremony of Soldiers' National Cemetery. They…

  • New York City Draft Riots
    Last Aired

    New York City Draft Riots

    Author Barnet Schecter talked about the causes, progression, and consequences of the New York City Draft Riots of July 1863. He spoke at the 2013 Lincoln Forum Symposium in Gettysburg,…

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic
    Last Aired

    Battle Hymn of the Republic

    Harvard University professor John Stauffer talked about the origins and evolution of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” He spoke at the 18th Annual Lincoln Forum Symposium in Gettysburg,…

  • Portraying Historical Figures
    Last Aired

    Portraying Historical Figures

    Actor Stephen Lang portrayed James Jackson Purman - a Union first lieutenant who received the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Gettysburg. Mr. Lang presented Lieutenant Purman as if he were speaking…

  • Conduct of the Civil War in 1861
    Last Aired

    Conduct of the Civil War in 1861

    Lincoln and Civil War scholars debated why the Civil War didn’t end in 1861, the year that it began. They discussed why the numerous advantages of the Union did not bring the war to a swift conclusion. Topics included…

  • Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided
    Last Aired

    Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided?

    One hundred and fifty years after the outbreak of the Civil War, a panel of historians debated whether or not the war could have been avoided. They also responded to questions from members of the audience. Frank…

  • emThe New York Timesem and the Silent PresidentElect
    Last Aired

    The New York Times and the Silent President-Elect

    On the 150th anniversary of the election of the 16th president, historian Harold Holzer spoke about President-Elect Abraham Lincoln’s strategic silence during what was known as “The Secession Winter.” From Election Day until…

  • New York and the Impeachment of President  Johnson
    Last Aired

    New York and the Impeachment of President Johnson

    Mr. Trefousse talked about the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and its impact on New York politics. He responded to questions from members of the audience. Hans Trefousse is the author of…

  • Why Was Lincoln Murdered
    Last Aired

    Why Was Lincoln Murdered?

    The Lincoln Forum symposium meets annually near the November 19th anniversary of the Gettysburg address to hear from authors and scholars on the 16th president. The most recent meeting was devoted to…

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