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  • German Employment Debate
    Last Aired

    German Employment Debate

    Chancellor Kohl spoke about government policy to reduce German unemployment while lowering budget deficits to prepare for European currency union. He stressed that the government should make…

  • German Tax Reform Proposals
    Last Aired

    German Tax Reform Proposals

    Chancellor Kohl outlined his government’s tax reform proposals. He talked about how tax reform could contribute to economic growth and lower unemployment. He also criticized his opponents…

  • German Flood Relief Debate
    Last Aired

    German Flood Relief Debate

    Helmut Kohl’s introduced his government’s proposal for flood relief. Several areas in the former East Germany along the Oder River were flooded with over $250 billion in damage as a result.…

  • German Budget Deficit Debate
    Last Aired

    German Budget Deficit Debate

    Members debated how to deal with the federal budget deficit. A recent report indicated a fiscal year 1997 deficit of 10.5 billion, which Germany must reduce to three percent of its Gross…

  • GermanCzech Republic Reconciliation
    Last Aired

    German-Czech Republic Reconciliation

    Chancellor Kohl and the opposition leader spoke about a recent agreement with the Czech Republic. The previous week, the German and Czech governments signed a joint declaration of…

  • German Chancellor New Years Address
    Last Aired

    German Chancellor New Year's Address

    Chancellor Kohl spoke to the German people about a variety of topics including economics and foreign policy and encouraged the German people to have hope in the New Year. Translation into…

  • German Budget Debate
    Last Aired

    German Budget Debate

    Members debated the Kohl government’s 1997 budget proposal. After hearing from an opposition leader, he argued that this budget brings down the deficit enough to join the European Union single…

  • Bundestag Opening Session
    Last Aired

    Bundestag Opening Session

    Chancellor Kohl and the opposition leader spoke at the opening session of the Bundestag. Topics included a government program for increased economic growth and employment.

  • Bundestag Debate on the Chechnya Conflict
    Last Aired

    Bundestag Debate on the Chechnya Conflict

    Members debated the Russian military action in the Republic of Chechnya which began December 11, 1994, and voted unanimously to condemn what was called Russia’s human rights violations.…

  • Foreign Policy Debate
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy Debate

    As part of a three-day budget debate, German leaders debated relations with the European Union and on German troops in Bosnia. After this debate, the German government announced its…

  • German Bundestag Opening Debate
    Last Aired

    German Bundestag Opening Debate

    This was the opening debate from the lower house of the German parliament called the Bundestag. On October 16th, parlimentary elections were held in Germany. Chancellor Kohl was reinstated…

  • Bundestag European Policy Debate
    Last Aired

    Bundestag European Policy Debate

    During recent debate in the Bundestag, Chancellor Helmut Kohl highlighted his government’s policies toward Europe. Responding to the Chancellor’s remarks was Rudolf Scharping, the leader of the…

  • German European Policy
    Last Aired

    German European Policy

    During recent debate from the lower house of the German Parliament, called the Bundestag, Chancellor Helmut Kohl highlighted his government’s policies toward Europe. Responding to the…

  • Reflections on NATO Summit
    Last Aired

    Reflections on NATO Summit

    Chancellor Kohl spoke to the German Bundestag about the recently completed NATO summit. Following his remarks, the president, and the Social Democratic Party leader spoke.

  • European Union Policy
    Last Aired

    European Union Policy

    In an excerpt, members debated European policy. The Maastricht Treaty on European Union went into effect November 1 and supposedly will result in common political and financial policies by…

  • European Unification Debate
    Last Aired

    European Unification Debate

    Marc Fisher discussed German politics and the problems of unification. Two weeks after the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty, the Bundestag debated the economic union of the 12 member…

  • Rise in Extremist Violence
    Last Aired

    Rise in Extremist Violence

    Members of the lower house of the German parliament debated resolutions proposing initiatives to deal with the rise of violence on the part of the radical right against foreigners. National…

  • Maastricht Treaty Ratification
    Last Aired

    Maastricht Treaty Ratification

    In an excerpt from a session of the German Bundestag, Chancellor Kohl spoke to advocate passage of the Maastricht treaty. The treaty, which requires approval from all of the countries in the…

  • Chancellor Kohl Address
    Last Aired

    Chancellor Kohl Address

    Chancellor Kohl addressed the members on the subject of the Maastricht Treaty. He particularly praised the “yes” vote on the treaty in France recently. The treaty must be signed by all…

  • German View of European Community
    Last Aired

    German View of European Community

    Chancellor Helmut Kohl gave the German Parliament a report on the European Community Summit held in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The 12 member countries in the community met there to work…

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