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  • Editorial Meeting of emWashington Timesem
    Last Aired

    Editorial Meeting of Washington Times

    Governor William Schaefer (D-MD) participated in an editorial meeting of the reporters of the Washington Times to discuss current events on the American political scene, including the…

  • Do The Democrats Have a Chance in 1992
    Last Aired

    Do The Democrats Have a Chance in 1992?

    The Washington Times sponsored a forum on the Democratic Party’s chances in the 1992 presidential election. Speakers in the forum included Democratic party consultants, former party officials,…

  • American Business and Labor Issues
    Last Aired

    American Business and Labor Issues

    Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin responded to questions from reporters during the Washington Times editorial board breakfast. She answered questions on the administration’s labor policies including the…

  • President Bushs Political Strategy for 1992
    Last Aired

    President Bush's Political Strategy for 1992

    At a Washington Times forum participants discussed the political strategy of President George Bush and the Republican party as they enter the 1992 presidential campaign, as well as likely issues…

  • Gubernatorial Address
    Last Aired

    Gubernatorial Address

    The Washington Times held a luncheon with Governor L. Douglas Wilder, D-VA, where reporters asked him questions about national issues and a presidential run. The governor criticized the Bush…

  • The Civil Rights Agenda
    Last Aired

    The Civil Rights Agenda

    Mr. Hooks answered questions about the Thomas nomination and the civil rights agenda for the NAACP. The organization recently voting to oppose the nomination of Judge Thomas to the U.S.…

  • Review of Republican Presidential Candidates
    Last Aired

    Review of Republican Presidential Candidates

    At an editorial board luncheon at the Washington Times, Clayton Yeutter discussed the GOP’s prospects for the 1992 races, and President George H.W. Bush’s campaign for re-election. He talked at…

  • International Trade
    Last Aired

    International Trade

    U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills responded to reporters' questions at the Washington Times Editorial Board Breakfast on current issues in international trade, including the proposed…