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Wade Hudson Harlem Book Fair


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  • Harlem Book Fair Discussion on Multicultural Publishing
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Multicultural Book Publishing

    Panelists talked about alternative approaches, including library acquisitions, alternative book distribution, book festivals, and developing the educational book market, to increase public awareness of…

  • Diversity in Childrens and Young Adult Publishing
    Last Aired

    Diversity in Children's and Young Adult Publishing

    Panelists discussed the problem of creating greater racial diversity in the production of children’s literature. Wade Hudson moderated. Jerry Craft is the author ofMamma’s Boyz; Zetta Elliott is the author of A…

  • AfricanAmerican Language and Culture Panel
    Last Aired

    African-American Language and Culture Panel

    A panel discussion was held on the politics of language and culture. The panelists discussed topics including the viability of a concept of “Standard English” in a country with many regional dialects and accents, why…

  • Forty Years of African American Publishing
    Last Aired

    Forty Years of African American Publishing

    The panel talked about the development, challenges, and direction of African American Publishing. They focused on the implications of publishers focusing on "urban publishing". “40 Years of…

  • Harlem Book Fair
    Last Aired

    Harlem Book Fair

    Live coverage from the 10th annual Harlem Book Fair included: Schedule of Coverage: 11:15 am - 12:30 pm ET - 40 Years of African American Publishing panel 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm ET - James…

  • AfricanAmerican Publishing
    Last Aired

    African-American Publishing

    Publishers talked about the history of African-American publishing. Topics included the longer than 40-year history of black publishing, the current preponderance of urban literature, the societal effect of…

  • Literacy and African Americans Panel
    Last Aired

    Literacy and African Americans Panel

    Participants talked about literacy rates and reading levels of youth in the black community, the quality of education in urban and predominantly black schools, as well as successful reading and writing…

  • Publishing Black Books
    Last Aired

    Publishing Black Books

    Panelists answered the questions, is it a good time in the book publishing business for black books and why has there been an explosion in the popularity of black books. They also answered…

  • Publisher Interview
    Last Aired

    Publisher Interview

    Mr. Hudson spoke about the panel discussion he had just participated in, as well as books he has written. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes and electronic mail.