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  • emMedical Service in the Invasion of Normandyem
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    Medical Service in the Invasion of Normandy

    This U.S. Army film details the logistics involved in treating wounded soldiers in the field, and in hospitals in England, during and after the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. From…

  • emThe Battle of Chinaem
    Last Aired

    The Battle of China

    Why We Fight: The Battle of China is a 1944 U.S. Office of War Information film that surveys the geography, people, and history of China and details their defensive war against Japan,…

  • emAlaska Highwayem
    Last Aired

    Alaska Highway

    This U.S. Army Signal Corps film documents the difficult task of building a 1,500 mile highway through the Canadian wilderness as a World War II supply route from the lower 48 states to…

  • emNormandy the Airborne Invasion of Fortress Europeem
    Last Aired

    Normandy, the Airborne Invasion of Fortress Europe

    Produced by the U.S. Army Air Forces, this film details the planning, training, combat operations, and after-battle summaries of the airborne forces which arrived in Normandy, France as…

  • 1944 Film emThanksgiving in Italyem
    Last Aired

    1944 Film Thanksgiving in Italy

    1944 silent film of the U.S. Fifth Army being served a turkey diner during World War II.

  • ArmyNavy Screen Magazine emYouth Powerem
    Last Aired

    Army-Navy Screen Magazine Youth Power

    This 1944 Army-Navy Screen Magazine profiled high school students at James A. Garfield High School in Los Angeles, who worked at the Lockheed and Douglas aircraft plants under a special…

  • July 10 1944 Combat Weekly Digest
    Last Aired

    July 10, 1944 Combat Weekly Digest

    Combat Weekly Digest was a World War II newsreel produced for the Army Air Forces from 1943-1945. This issue features scenes in Italy, France, the Admiralty Islands, and India. The films…