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  • Impact of Infants on the 20th Century
    Last Aired

    Impact of Infants on the 20th Century

    Rutgers University history professor Janet Golden talked about the impact infants had on 20th century developments in medicine, social welfare and consumer culture. The Kansas City Public…

  • Early Ranching and Cattle Driving
    Last Aired

    Early Ranching and Cattle Driving

    Jim Gray, rancher and cowboy historian, talked about the development of cattle driving and ranching in the 19th century. Mr. Gray discussed the impact of the railroad and other historic…

  • emThe Gifted Generationem
    Last Aired

    The Gifted Generation

    Professor David Goldfield talked about his book The Gifted Generation, in which he reports on how federal legislation following World War II affected the lives of Americans, from housing…

  • History of the American Cowboy
    Last Aired

    History of the American Cowboy

    Michael Grauer talked about the history and origin of the American cowboy. He spoke about the common myths and misconceptions caused by the iconic cowboy image portrayed in Hollywood movies…

  • Late 19th Century Violence in the Ozarks
    Last Aired

    Late 19th Century Violence in the Ozarks

    Larry Wood, author of Ozarks Gunfights and Other Notorious Incidents, shared the area’s violent history. He talked about feuding groups and infamous criminals from Wild Bill Hickok to…

  • Apache Wars
    Last Aired

    Apache Wars

    Paul Andrew Hutton talked about the prolonged conflict in the late nineteenth century between the Apaches and the U.S. government. He described the southwest as a volatile mix of…

  • emCusters Trialsem
    Last Aired

    Custer's Trials

    T.J. Stiles talked about his book Custer’s Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America, in which he recalls the life of General George Armstrong Custer.

  • Discussion on Missouris Burnt District
    Last Aired

    Missouri's Burnt District, 1865-1870

    Tom Rafiner talked about the post-Civil War effect of “Order No. 11,” which mandated the evacuation of non-rural residents in three western Missouri counties. Mr. Rafiner is the author of…

  • Discussion on Henry Wallaces 1948 Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Henry Wallace's 1948 Presidential Campaign

    Thomas Devine talked about Henry Wallace’s 1948 campaign for president as the nominee of the Progressive Party. Henry Wallace served as Vice President under President Franklin D. Roosevelt before being…

  • 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre
    Last Aired

    1890 Wounded Knee Massacre

    Jerome Greene talked about the events preceding the Wounded Knee Massacre, the killings, their legacy, and the massacre’s connection to the Kansas City region. Mr. Greene is the author of…

  • A History of the North American West
    Last Aired

    A History of the North American West

    Anne F. Hyde talked about her book, Empires, Nations, and Families: A History of the North American West, 1800-1860, in which she uses the story of three different pioneer families to discuss the…

  • 1939 New York Worlds Fair
    Last Aired

    1939 New York World's Fair

    Robert Rydell talked about the events that caused New York to host the World’s Fair of 1939. He said the Fair’s “World of Tomorrow” theme both influenced and reflected American culture while the…

  • Frank and Jesse James
    Last Aired

    Frank and Jesse James

    James P. Muehlberger talked about the 1869 killing of a bank cashier in Gallatin, Missouri that has long been considered the first in a long line of robberies by Jesse and Frank James. In his…

  • 1886  Haymarket Bombing and Trial
    Last Aired

    1886 Haymarket Bombing and Trial

    Timothy Messer-Kruse, author of The Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists: Terrorism and Justice in the Gilded Age, talked about the events surrounding the 1886 Haymarket bombing and trial in…

  • Womens Suffrage in Missouri
    Last Aired

    Women's Suffrage in Missouri

    Margot McMillen, author of The Golden Lane, explored how a protest by thousands of women at the 1916 Democratic National Convention in St. Louis changed minds and helped make voting rights…

  • Innovations at Worlds Fairs
    Last Aired

    Innovations at World's Fairs

    Next, on American History TV - Historian and author Robert Rydell examines how world’s fairs inspired and promoted innovation in architecture, the arts, music, science, technology, consumer…

  • emForty Ways to Look at JFKem
    Last Aired

    Forty Ways to Look at JFK

    Gretchen Rubin talked about her book Forty Ways to Look at JFK, published by Ballantine Books. In her book she explored why former President John F. Kennedy holds such a prominent place in modern American…