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  • Quakers Guns and the British Industrial Revolution
    Last Aired

    Quakers, Guns and the British Industrial Revolution

    Priya Satia, Stanford University history professor, explored the complex relationship between the Quaker Community and gun makers during the British Industrial Revolution. She chronicled…

  • Higher Education Act of 1965 Origins
    Last Aired

    Higher Education Act of 1965 Origins

    Historians briefed Members of Congress and their staffs on the history of the Higher Education Act of 1965 signed by President Lyndon Johnson, which offered federal money to colleges and…

  • Christian Zionism and Americans
    Last Aired

    Christian Zionism and Americans

    In this program, Samuel Goldman discussed the history of Christian Zionism in America. He defined this as the belief that Christians have a religious responsibility to promote and support a…

  • 20th Century Trailblazing Women Lawyers
    Last Aired

    20th Century Trailblazing Women Lawyers

    In 2005, the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession initiated oral history interviews with 100 senior women lawyers including former Attorney General Janet Reno…

  • History Professors Discuss Past  Current Infrastructure Projects
    Last Aired

    Infrastructure Development

    A group of historians talked about major American infrastructure projects of the past in the areas of aviation and surface transportation, and how they influenced current development. They also gave…

  • History of US Agricultural Policies
    Last Aired

    History of U.S. Agricultural Policies

    In a Capitol Hill panel discussion that was titled, “Historical Perspectives on Federal Agricultural Policy,” three agricultural historians discussed the history of U.S. farm bills,…

  • 1911 Congressional Report on Immigration
    Last Aired

    1911 Congressional Report on Immigration

    Historian Katherine Benton-Cohen talked about her book, Inventing the Immigration Problem: The Dillingham Commission and Its Legacy. The U.S. Immigration Commission, better known as the…

  • US Foreign Policy Since World War I
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy Since World War I

    Author Melvyn Leffler talked about his book, Safeguarding Democratic Capitalism: U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security, 1920-2015. He discussed how and why U.S. foreign policy has…

  • History of US Trade Policy
    Last Aired

    History of U.S. Trade Policy

    Panelists talked about the history of U.S. trade policy and discussed ways to approach current foreign trade. The National History Center in Washington, D.C. hosted this event.

  • German Social Scientists and US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    German Social Scientists and U.S. Foreign Policy

    Hans Speier was a German social scientist who was among the many European intellectuals who immigrated to America during the rise of Nazism in the 1930s. In this program, University of…

  • US Cold War Refugee Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Cold War Refugee Policy

    Historians Carl Bon Tempo and Maria Cristina Garcia outlined the evolution of refugee policy from the immediate post-war period through the Refugee Act of 1980, which amended several laws…