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  • The Kissing Sailor
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    The Kissing Sailor

    Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi, co-authors of the book The Kissing Sailor: The Mystery Behind the Photo That Ended World War II, talked about their search for the couple in the famous…

  • Colin Powell on the Military
    Last Aired

    Colin Powell on the Military

    Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, reflected on leadership and his experience in the military. He also talked about working for both the Reagan and…

  • The Battle of Midway
    Last Aired

    The Battle of Midway

    Veterans of World War II talked about their experiences at the Battle of Midway. They stressed the importance of the American victory and how it signified a turning point in the war with…

  • The Doolittle Raid
    Last Aired

    The Doolittle Raid

    World War II veterans who were directly involved in the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Japan shared their personal accounts. The Doolittle Raid, in April, 1942, was the first air attack by the…

  • War In Europe
    Last Aired

    War In Europe

    Two World War II veterans and a former Army nurse who helped liberate German concentration camps described the chaos and destruction they witnessed in Europe during the war. This event was from…

  • General Richard Myers on Military Leadership
    Last Aired

    General Richard Myers on Military Leadership

    General Richard Myers addressed ROTC students, military cadets and Naval Academy midshipmen on military service and leadership traits. Among his remarks he shared personal stories such as…

  • The Greatest Generation The Pacific
    Last Aired

    The Greatest Generation, The Pacific

    World War Two veterans talked about their experiences fighting in the Pacific Theater. R.V. Burgin reflected on his time in the Marine Corps as described in his book, Islands of the Damned. Roy…

  • Aerial Recon During the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Last Aired

    Aerial Recon During the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Panelists talked about aerial reconnaissance leading up to and during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Panelists included military veterans Wayne Whitten, author of Countdown to 13 Days…

  • The Montford Point Marines
    Last Aired

    The Montford Point Marines

    Two of the first African Americans to join the U.S. Marines, Joseph Carpenter and Eugene Groves, talked about their experience at Montford Point training camp in North Carolina, and their…

  • Medal of Honor Recipients
    Last Aired

    Medal of Honor Recipients

    Medal of Honor recipients Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta and General James Livingston talked about their reasons for joining the military and some of their experiences abroad. Jerry Dumont also…

  • Korean War Veterans
    Last Aired

    Korean War Veterans

    Three Korean War veterans representing the Navy, Air Force, and Army talked about why they joined the military and reflected on their wartime experiences. This event was from the American…