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  • Speaker Determined to Get Tax Reform Passed By Christmas
    Last Aired

    Speaker Ryan Remarks on Tax Reform

    Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke at the Heritage Foundation and made the case for Republicans' tax reform proposal. He remarked that lawmakers could remain in Washington during Christmas to…

  • President Trump Addresses Heritage Foundation
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks at Heritage Foundation

    President Trump delivered keynote remarks at the Heritage Foundation President’s Club annual meeting. He outlined his tax reform proposal, which Republicans say would provide $4,000 in tax…

  • Federal Polices and Poverty Part 2
    Last Aired

    Federal Polices and Poverty, Part 2

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a forum assessing the impact of government policies and regulations on poverty. This portion of the event included a panel discussion with economists and…

  • emLeading the Wayem
    Last Aired

    Leading the Way

    Lee Edwards talked about his book, Leading the Way: The Story of Ed Feulner and the Heritage Foundation, in which he presents a history of the conservative think-tank, The Heritage…

  • US AsiaPacific Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Asia-Pacific Policy

    House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Edward Royce (R-CA) spoke about U.S economic and security policy in Asia. In remarks, he emphasized the need to focus on economic prosperity in Asia. He also…

  • emFirst Principles Five Keys to Restoring Americas Prosperityem
    Last Aired

    First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity

    John Taylor, former Treasury Under Secretary of International Affairs, gave an overview of the current economic situation and compared it to the recession of the 1980s. He argued that a…

  • Senator Toomey on the Deficit Reduction Committees Failure
    Last Aired

    Senator Toomey on the Deficit Reduction Committee's Failure

    Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Committee member Senator Pat Toomey talked about the group’s failure to reach an agreement on federal budget cuts, and the effects of their…

  • Republican Agenda for the 112th Congress
    Last Aired

    Republican Agenda for the 112th Congress

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell talked about the opportunities and the limitations of divided government, as well as the conservative strategy for beginning to reverse prior…

  • Heritage Foundation Policy Proposals
    Last Aired

    Heritage Foundation Policy Proposals

    Heritage Foundation officers talked about “Solutions for America,” a comprehensive policy agenda addressing pressing and ingrained problems for the country that was compiled by Heritage…

  • Federal Budget Deficit Reduction
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget Deficit Reduction

    Senator John Thune spoke about his proposal to cut the federal budget deficit. His deficit reduction plan would change the budget process, impose limits on federal spending, and create a…

  • Legal Rights of Terror Suspects
    Last Aired

    Legal Rights of Terror Suspects

    Former Attorney General John Ashcroft talked about the legal history concerning the right of habeas corpus. A federal appeals court had recently ruled that detainees held at Bagram Air Base…

  • Barry Goldwater and American Politics
    Last Aired

    Barry Goldwater and American Politics

    Panelists discussed Senator Goldwater’s contributions to American politics and the conservative movement. After all of the panelists had spoken, they took questions from the audience as a group. Lee…

  • Mitt Romney on National Security and Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Mitt Romney on National Security and Foreign Policy

    In a speech titled, “The Care of Freedom,” former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the Obama administration’s push for new social spending could hurt defense programs and place U.S. national security “at…

  • US Policy Toward Asia
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Asia

    Secretary Rice spoke about U.S. foreign policy goals in Asia. Among the topics she addressed were building strategic alliances and policies in Northeast Asia, countering terrorism in…

  • 25th Anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative
    Last Aired

    25th Anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative

    Vice President Cheney delivered remarks at the Heritage Foundation Dinner at the Four Seasons celebrating the 25th anniversary of President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). On March 23,…

  • Warrantless Surveillance Legislation
    Last Aired

    Warrantless Surveillance Legislation

    Vice President Cheney talked about the expiration of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act {FISA) the next month and the need for it to be re-authorized. He claimed that the…

  • The Power of Words
    Last Aired

    The Power of Words

    Lee Edwards, a scholar at Heritage, talked about the 1,000 lectures featuring conservative thinkers that the Heritage Foundation has presented over the previous 25 years. This event to mark Heritage’s…

  • Future of Cuba
    Last Aired

    Future of Cuba

    Secretary Gutierrez spoke about U.S. policy toward Cuba, the long-term impact of economic sanctions, future relations with Cuba, the Castro regime and possible relations with a post-Castro…

  • Conservative Agenda
    Last Aired

    Conservative Agenda

    House Minority Whip Roy Blunt talked about conservative principles on health care, energy, immigration, and the proper role of government that he believes Conservatives need to focus on in…

  • US Policy in Northeast Asia
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Northeast Asia

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talked about current U.S. policy in Northeast Asia. She focused on the results of her recent meetings in China, South Korea, Japan, and Russia to discuss North…

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