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  • John Seigenthaler Sr 19272014
    Last Aired

    Two Generations of Journalism

    John Seigenthaler, anchor of the NBC Nightly News weekend edition, interviewed his father, an author and founder of the First Amendment Center. The elder Seigenthaler related his…

  • Free Expression and Global Media
    Last Aired

    Free Expression and Global Media

    Mr. Rushdie spoke about free expression and freedom of the press. He discussed the problems he has encountered as a result of publishing his book, The Satanic Verses and announced that it…

  • Religious Liberty
    Last Aired

    Religious Liberty

    Former Chief Justice Burger spoke on “Religious Liberty: Crisis or Crossroads?” He described the changes he has observed in religion in the U.S., such as increased ecumenicity. He talked…

  • Fairness in Reporting
    Last Aired

    Fairness in Reporting

    Mr. Overby discussed the importance of freedom of the press and also fairness in reporting. He discussed five aspects of fair reporting, accuracy, balance, completeness, detachment of…

  • Journalists and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Journalists and the Internet

    This program includes the introduction and keynote speech by Mr. Case as he kicked off the seminar on how the Internet and technology have changed the workings of journalism. Mr. Case…

  • Media Accountability
    Last Aired

    Media Accountability

    At the dedication of a new building for the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center in New York, Mr. Wallace spoke about the lack of public trust in the news media. He focused on the need for a body of…

  • emThe System The American Way of Politicsem
    Last Aired

    The System: The American Way of Politics

    Mr. Broder and Mr. Johnson talked about their new book, The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point, published by Little, Brown and Company. The book examines in detail how…

  • Media Congressional Coverage
    Last Aired

    Media Congressional Coverage

    Participants discussed several aspects of the relationship between the media and congress including its past and present, and what forces may be shaping this relationship in the future.…

  • China Issues
    Last Aired

    China Issues

    In his first official speech as Ambassador to China, Ambassador Sasser talked about his plans. Following his prepared remarks, he took questions from the audience.

  • Unibomber Manifesto Publish or Perish
    Last Aired

    Unibomber Manifesto: Publish or Perish?

    The participants discussed the decision by The Washington Post and the New York Times to publish a lengthy statement by the “unibomber.” The FBI has been investigating the man known as the “unibomber”…

  • Clinton Presidency in the New Media Age
    Last Aired

    Clinton Presidency in the New Media Age

    The Freedom Forum sponsored a look at the presidency and the media during a discussion held in Arlington, Virginia, sponsored by Columbia University. Journalists and scholars address…

  • American Indian Issues
    Last Aired

    American Indian Issues

    Ms. Mankiller discussed her recent book Mankiller: A Chief and Her People. She addressed the issue of tribal governments and her motivation for writing the book.

  • Foreign News Coverage
    Last Aired

    Foreign News Coverage

    Participants discussed freedom of the press and the issues that surround international reporting. Following opening statements, the guests took questions concerning these issues. Following…

  • Technology Influences on Democracy
    Last Aired

    Technology Influences on Democracy

    Participants discussed the influence of technology on the state of democracy throughout the world. They spoke about information systems and the intrusive aspect on expanding technology.

  • Freedom of the Press
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the Press

    Mr. Shaw spoke about the need for aggressive government action to reduce poverty and violence in the U.S. He suggested that the election of President Clinton meant that the country wanted…

  • White HouseMedia Relations
    Last Aired

    White House-Media Relations

    Kristen Clark-Taylor, the first African-American woman on the White House staff, discussed her book The First to Speak in a speech to an audience at the Freedom Forum. Introduced by her…

  • Judicial Awards Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Judicial Awards Ceremony

    The Freedom Forum presented the Freedom Forum Award to retired Supreme Court Justice Brennan and to the son of late Supreme Court Justice Marshall.

  • Latest News on American Journalists
    Last Aired

    Latest News on American Journalists

    The Freedom Forum held a symposium to coincide with the release of a survey on American journalists in the 1990's by two professors from Indiana University. Following a video on American…

  • The Politics of Polarization 1992
    Last Aired

    The Politics of Polarization 1992

    The Freedom Forum sponsored a forum on “Women, Men and Media” to focus on the role of women and minorities in producing media reports and portrayals of women and minorities by the media. Panel members…

  • News Coverage of Multiracial Communities
    Last Aired

    News Coverage of Multiracial Communities

    Freedom Forum sponsored a forum on journalistic practices concerning racial incidents in American society. The panelists focused on the coverage of the recent riots in Los Angeles to discuss how the…

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