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  • Administrative State
    Last Aired

    Administrative State

    CATO Institute Constitution Studies Director Ilya Shapiro and American Enterprise Institute Fellow Peter Wallison discussed Congress, the courts and the so-called administrative state at…

  • Alan Dershowitz at Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference
    Last Aired

    Alan Dershowitz at Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference

    Alan Dershowitz, a criminal defense attorney and Harvard Law School professor emeritus, talked about impeachment, free speech, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian…

  • Melanie Sturm on Conservative Messaging
    Last Aired

    Melanie Sturm on Conservative Messaging

    Melanie Sturm addressed the annual Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference. She compared Republican and Democratic messaging styles and explained how they affect voters and elections. In 2017 Ms.…

  • Sebastian Gorka Remarks at Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference
    Last Aired

    Sebastian Gorka Remarks at Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference

    Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant and strategist to President Trump, spoke at the 10th annual Steamboat Freedom Conference. He talked about working with the president and what he sees as…

  • Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference
    Last Aired

    Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference

    Discussion at the Steamboat Institute’s 10th Annual Freedom Conference focused on reforming the FBI, school safety, and the next generation of conservative leaders.

  • Vicente Fox and Nigel Farage Debate Globalism and Nationalism
    Last Aired

    Nationalism Versus Globalism

    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox and Nigel Farage, the former United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leader, debated the merits of nationalism and globalism at the University of…

  • Peter Wallison on emHidden in Plain Sightem
    Last Aired

    Financial Risk and Regulation

    Peter Wallison talked about the causes of the 2008 financial crisis and whether it could happen again. He is a former counsel for the Treasury Department and White House and is the author of…

  • Marijuana Legalization Debate
    Last Aired

    Marijuana Legalization Debate

    Wayne Laugesen and Mason Tvert debated the effect of legalized marijuana on teen use, crime, accidents and on state and national politics in Colorado and in other states around the country. Mary…

  • Conservative Economic Issues
    Last Aired

    Conservative Economic Issues

    A panel of conservatives talked about their misgivings about the Obama administration’s fiscal and spending policies. Tony Blankley moderated. Topics included health care legislation, the role of…