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  • Free Expression and Global Media
    Last Aired

    Free Expression and Global Media

    Mr. Rushdie spoke about free expression and freedom of the press. He discussed the problems he has encountered as a result of publishing his book, The Satanic Verses and announced that it…

  • The Media and Public Health
    Last Aired

    The Media and Public Health

    Panelists discussed news media coverage of public health concerns. They examined issues such as what types of health stories the media carried and how they should report risks to the…

  • The Clinton Crisis News or Rumors
    Last Aired

    The Clinton Crisis: News or Rumors

    In a symposium titled, “The Clinton Crisis: Reporting the News or Repeating the Rumors?,” journalists and scholars talked about the news media coverage during the investigation of President…

  • Public Image of Women in Power
    Last Aired

    Public Image of Women in Power

    Participants discussed perceptions of women in positions of power in politics, the press and other social institutions. They focused on how the media covers women in powerful positions,…

  • Do the Media Glamorize Drugs
    Last Aired

    Do the Media Glamorize Drugs?

    Panelists discussed whether and how various media forms glamorize drug use and whether this affects personal behavior. There was also heated discussion over whether government policies can…

  • Candidates Wives News Coverage
    Last Aired

    Candidates' Wives News Coverage

    Journalists, former staffers, and others discussed news coverage of candidates' wives, Hillary Clinton and Mrs. Dole, as well as coverage of several other first ladies. Mr. Anthony is the…

  • Nixon The Movie
    Last Aired

    Nixon: The Movie

    Panelists discussed how Oliver Stone’s movie, Nixon, portrays President Nixon’s political career and presidential term. They debated how accurate the movie was and whether it even should have…

  • Reporting World War II
    Last Aired

    Reporting World War II

    Journalists who covered World War II discussed what it was like to report on such history-making and dramatic events. They also pointed out the differences between journalistic standards…

  • Congress First 100 Days Review
    Last Aired

    Congress First 100 Days Review

    The participants talked about the media’s coverage of the first 100 days of the 104th Congress. They also took questions from the audience.

  • News Coverage of the New Congress
    Last Aired

    News Coverage of the New Congress

    Moderated by Dean Ungar, the panelists speculated on various ways they might cover the Republican-controlled 104th Congress. They also discussed Newt Gingrich who will be the new speaker of…

  • Communication School Opening Convocation
    Last Aired

    Communication School Opening Convocation

    Mr. Gergen, White House adviser on foreign policy issues and goals presentation, discussed the importance of the national news media and his own role in the Clinton, and earlier,…

  • Media Influences on the Presidency
    Last Aired

    Media Influences on the Presidency

    The participants discussed media coverage of President Clinton.

  • Conflict in Former Yugoslavia
    Last Aired

    Conflict in Former Yugoslavia

    Participants discussed the ongoing conflict in former Yugoslavia and the effort to bring peace to the region.

  • Media Influence on US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Media Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy

    The participants discussed the coverage of foreign policy events and issues on television. They focused on the media’s influence on the foreign policy of the United States. After their…

  • Malcolm X The Movie Cinema as History
    Last Aired

    Malcolm X, The Movie: Cinema as History

    Media figures spoke in a forum on the 1992 Warner Brothers movie Malcolm X, focusing on the role of films based on historical figures and their effect on current political thinking and…

  • The Media and President Clinton
    Last Aired

    The Media and President Clinton

    The panelists discussed media coverage of Governor Clinton during the presidential campaign. They predicted the nature of the relationship between Governor Clinton and the news media once…

  • Presidential Campaign Coverage in the 1990s
    Last Aired

    Presidential Campaign Coverage in the 1990s

    Participants in this forum, “The Girls & Boys on the Bus,” discussed the media coverage of the presidential campaigns in the 1990s.

  • Life and Death on the Campaign Trail
    Last Aired

    Life and Death on the Campaign Trail

    The panel reflected on the 1992 presidential race. Campaign staff from the defunct Kerrey and Tsongas campaigns were featured. Also participating in the discussion were journalists who…

  • Investigating Human Rights Abuses
    Last Aired

    Investigating Human Rights Abuses

    This panel discussion was part of an international conference on free expression. It focused on media investigation of human rights violations around the world, and especially in Central…

  • Heroes and Heroines in Free Expression
    Last Aired

    Heroes and Heroines in Free Expression

    The panel discussed role models, heroes, and heroines in perserving the freedom of expression.

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