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  • 50th Anniversary of March on Washington
    Last Aired

    50th Anniversary of March on Washington

    Civil rights leaders and contemporary movement leaders spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same spot where the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his “I have a dream” speech, for the…

  • McCain NAACP Speech
    Last Aired

    McCain NAACP Speech

    Senator John McCain spoke at the 99th Annual Convention of the NAACP held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He spoke about the history of the NAACP and meeting the needs of the…

  • Future of Black Men
    Last Aired

    Future of Black Men

    A town hall meeting was held on the challenges facing black American men. The panelists talked about topics such as black families, mentoring, education and training, access to minority business…

  • NAACP TaxExempt Status
    Last Aired

    NAACP Tax-Exempt Status

    Officials of the NAACP announced the findings of the Internal Revenue Service investigation into the NAACP’s tax-exempt status. The IRS had been investigating if actions and statements made…

  • Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Plenary Session

    The plenary session of the NAACP 97th Annual Convention included speakers Senator Reid and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Watt. Mr. Fred Gray, whose clients have included Rosa Parks and…

  • Opening News Conference
    Last Aired

    Opening News Conference

    The 2006 NAACP 97th Annual Convention was introduced with an opening news conference. Topics included the voting rights act of 1965 and issue of HIV and AIDS. The panelists also responded…

  • Keynote Speech
    Last Aired

    Keynote Speech

    Julian Bond delivered the keynote address at the NAACP convention in Milwaukee. Prior to his speech several lawmakers made remarks and talked about policies affecting black communities. In…

  • Minority Issues
    Last Aired

    Minority Issues

    Chairman Julian Bond spoke to the NAACP’s Annual Meeting about issues affecting the black community including the President’s budget, Social Security, and taxes.

  • NAACP President Retirement
    Last Aired

    NAACP President Retirement

    At a news conference Mr. Mfume announced his retirement as president of the NAACP at its Baltimore headquarters. He thanked Julian Bond, NAACP chairman of the board, for his help and…

  • NAACP Convention Keynote Address
    Last Aired

    NAACP Convention Keynote Address

    Mr. Bond talked about the role and accomplishments of the NAACP. He also addressed a number of other topics, including poverty, the Brown v. Board of Education decision, education, and the…

  • AfricanAmerican Issues
    Last Aired

    African-American Issues

    Mr. Bond talked about African-American issues. Among the topics he addressed were Affirmative Action, de facto racial segregation in schools, the criminal justice system, and Bush…

  • NAACP Convention
    Last Aired

    NAACP Convention

    Mr. Bond talked about the history of the civil rights movement and about issues of current concern to the African-American community. Among the topics he addressed were civil rights and…

  • Race Relations and Social Justice
    Last Aired

    Race Relations and Social Justice

    Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Nader spoke about the state of race relations and social justice. Mrs. Clinton focused on discrimination, hate crimes and minority representation in government. Mr.…

  • Public Mass Meeting
    Last Aired

    Public Mass Meeting

    The NAACP held a meeting to open their convention. After opening with musical numbers, a variety of speakers opened a number of issues to be addressed during the convention. They noted the…

  • NAACP 90 Years of Making Democracy Work
    Last Aired

    NAACP: 90 Years of Making Democracy Work

    Participants talked about the progress the NAACP has made over the past 90 years. In his keynote address, Mr. Mfume said that the NAACP would file a class-action suit against handgun…

  • Congressman Perspective
    Last Aired

    Congressman Perspective

    Rep. Clyburn talked about how work of the NAACP, his nurturing parents and dedicated teachers led to his being where he is today. He spoke about Martin Luther King and his ideals. He…

  • NAACP News Conference
    Last Aired

    NAACP News Conference

    Mr. Bond and Mr. Mfume discussed this weekend’s board of directors meeting and the agenda for the NAACP. They talked about issues of concern to them and the consolidation of branches and…