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  • emNuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures Survive to Fightem
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    Nuclear Attack Preparedness Procedures, Survive to Fight

    This 1968 U.S. Air Force training film dramatizes activities at a military base following a nuclear attack. This Cold War film outlines procedures for assessing damage, stabilizing and…

  • emMilitary Effects Studies of Operation Castleem
    Last Aired

    Military Effects Studies of Operation Castle

    This film is a report detailing the aftermath of six powerful nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. The film shows the effects of radiation on civilians and American military personnel.…

  • emOperation Castleem
    Last Aired

    Operation Castle

    This U.S. Air Force film documents a series of six nuclear tests at the Atomic Energy Commission’s Pacific Proving Grounds in 1954. One of the tests was 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb…

  • emThe Power of Decisionem
    Last Aired

    The Power of Decision

    This film was made by the U.S. Air Force for the Strategic Air Command and shows a simulation of a “Quick Strike” response to a surprise Soviet nuclear attack against the United States and Europe. In…