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  • 2000 Census Questionnaire
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    2000 Census Questionnaire

    Mr. Prewitt briefed reporters about preparations for the 2000 census. He discussed the logistics involved in getting the census questionnaires out to the nation, how the Census Bureau has…

  • Update on Census 2000
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    Update on Census 2000

    Mr. Prewitt talked to reporters about their preparations for the 2000 Census. He focused on efforts to compose an address file for the entire country, as well as, their education and…

  • 2000 Census
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    2000 Census

    Mr. Prewitt announced that the Census Bureau would conduct both a physical head count and use statistical sampling in the 2000 Census. The numbers from the physical count would be used to…

  • Annual Income and Poverty
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    Annual Income and Poverty

    Mr. Weinberg released the results of the Annual Report on Income and Poverty. The report showed that income levels had grown in all income brackets and that poverty was the lowest it had…