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  • emJapanese Relocationem
    Last Aired

    Japanese Relocation

    Milton Eisenhower hosted and narrated this 1943 film that attempts to justify the need to move Japanese Americans from their West Coast homes to internment camps in isolated areas of the…

  • emThe World at Warem
    Last Aired

    The World at War

    The World at War was a film released in theaters in 1942 that uses newsreel footage and captured Axis film to document Nazi and Japanese military action leading up to the December 7, 1941,…

  • emKnow Your Allyem
    Last Aired

    Know Your Ally

    This 1943 U.S. Office of War Information film that explores British culture and details events of the United Kingdom’s war against Nazi Germany. This is one in a series of training films…

  • emThe Battle of Russiaem
    Last Aired

    The Battle of Russia

    The Battle of Russia is one of seven films in the Why We Fight series created during World War II by Hollywood director and U.S. Army Major Frank Capra. The films were produced by the U.S.…

  • emWar Comes to Americaem
    Last Aired

    War Comes to America

    This 1945 Office of War Information film examines world events leading to the U.S. entry into World War II. Why We Fight is a series of seven films developed by director Frank Capra to…

  • United News Report on DDay Invasion
    Last Aired

    United News Report on D-Day Invasion

    A U.S. Office of War Information report on D-Day, the June 6, 1944, Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II.

  • War Victims Find Haven in America
    Last Aired

    War Victims Find Haven in America

    This 1946 Office of War Information newsreel reports on a shipload of refugees from Nazi concentration camps arriving in New York City.

  • General De Gaulle Visits the US
    Last Aired

    General De Gaulle Visits the U.S.

    This 1944 newsreel shows scenes of French General Charles De Gaulle’s visit to the U.S. General de Gaulle was met at the Washington, D.C., airport by General Marshall, Admiral King, and…

  • emIts Up to Youem
    Last Aired

    It's Up to You

    Short archival film about why rationing was important during World War II. A call to arms film for American citizens to take part in rationing goods.

  • US Information Service Film emSan Francisco 1945em
    Last Aired

    U.S. Information Service Film, San Francisco 1945

    This Office of War Information film documents the founding United Nations conference of April to June 1945 in which the U.N. Charter was created, debated, and signed by all 50 participating…

  • Reel America emThe True Gloryem 1945
    Last Aired

    The True Glory

    This 1945 documentary chronicles events in Europe from the June 1944 D-Day invasion through the surrender of Nazi Germany in May of 1945. A co-production of the U.S. Office of War…

  • Newsreel of the 1945 Funeral of President Franklin Roosevelt
    Last Aired

    1945 Funeral of President Roosevelt

    This program included official U.S. government newsreel coverage of the funeral of President Franklin Roosevelt, who died on April 12, 1945, followed by biographical information about President…

  • emThe War Ends in Europeem
    Last Aired

    The War Ends in Europe

    This 1945 United News reel about Victory in Europe day includes clips of the signing of the surrender and President Truman making the official statement.

  • 1945 United News Newsreel
    Last Aired

    1945 United News Newsreel

    This 1945 Office of War Information World War II newsreel includes stories about the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Pact of Chapultepec, Navy planes attacking the Tokyo area, and the Allies…

  • Inauguration of President Franklin D Roosevelt
    Last Aired

    Inauguration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Newsreel footage of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1945 inauguration was shown.

  • emTuesday in Novemberem
    Last Aired

    Tuesday in November

    Tuesday in November is a 1945 United States Office of War Information - Overseas Division film detailing the process of voting during the 1944 election, in which President Franklin…

  • 1944 Republican National Convention
    Last Aired

    1944 Republican National Convention

    A United Newsreel clip was shown from the 1944 Republican National Convention in Chicago in which Thomas Dewey was nominated to carry the GOP ticket. Thomas Dewey was shown in Albany, N.Y.,…

  • emThe Year 1945em
    Last Aired

    The Year 1945

    A 1945 newsreel from United News titled The Year 1945 gave a retrospective of the year. The many events included the Battle of the Bulge, the death of President Roosevelt, the surrender of…

  • emJapan Surrendersem
    Last Aired

    Japan Surrenders

    A 1945 “United News” newsreel from the U.S. Office of War Information titled Japan Surrenders shows an overview of Japan at war in the Pacific since 1931 through the celebration of Japan’s…

  • emThe War Ends in Europeem
    Last Aired

    The War Ends in Europe

    The U.S. Office of War Information 1945 United Newsreel The War Ends in Europe included a video clip of President Turman’s May 8, 1945, radio announcement of the surrender of Germany and…

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