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  • EPA Administrator Testifies Before House Energy Panel
    Last Aired

    Environmental Protection Agency Mission

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testified before the House Energy and Commerce Environment Subcommittee on the mission of his agency. He said his three goals are restoring power to the states,…

  • Hearing Focuses on Water Systems Improvements
    Last Aired

    Water System Improvement

    Public officials in charge of water systems around the nation testified at a hearing on federal funding for infrastructure to provide clean drinking water and treat wastewater. Most of the…

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Oversight
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Oversight

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) commissioners testified at an oversight hearing of their agency. Some of the issues covered in the hearing included new safety recommendations in response to…

  • Environmental Protection Agency Fiscal Year 2013 Budget
    Last Aired

    Environmental Protection Agency Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

    Administrator Lisa Jackson testified on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) fiscal year 2013 budget request. She defended her agency’s study of the effects on hydraulic fracking, a…

  • HighRisk Chemical Facilities Regulation
    Last Aired

    High-Risk Chemical Facilities Regulation

    Witnesses testified about a rule that imposed comprehensive federal security regulations for high-risk chemical facilities. They focused on a leaked memo detailing problems at the agency in…

  • Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
    Last Aired

    Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

    Witnesses testified on the federal management of civilian nuclear waste and the Energy Department’s decision to end the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste respiratory program. Among the issues…

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Management
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Management

    Witnesses testified about a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report that found the commission’s chair, Gregory Jaczko, had withheld information from other commissioners in order to stop work on the…

  • Nuclear Safety and Energy Programs Secretary Chu
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Safety and Energy Programs, Secretary Chu

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu testified on his department’s 2012 budget request. Much of the hearing focused on several nuclear accidents at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station in the…