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    Teaching Constitutional History

    Explaining the Constitution and encouraging students to have an interest in America’s founding can be difficult for many teachers. Next, radio talk show host Diane Rehm moderates a panel…

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    George Washington's Challenges

    Next, author and Brandeis University history professor David Hackett Fischer discusses the tactics and strategies that George Washington used to confront challenges. He spoke at a…

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    Andrew Jackson and the Constitution

    Professor Akhil Reed Amar talked about how the presidency of Andrew Jackson transformed the Constitution in ways that still apply. He responded to questions from members of the audience. “Our Jacksonian…

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    Women and the Founding of America

    While the Founding Fathers often get all of the credit for the creation of America - without the encouragement and work of many women things may have ended up differently. Next, George…

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    Thomas Jefferson's Idea of America

    Although Thomas Jefferson was in France as the Constitution was being debated and signed, he had his own ideas for the new nation. Next, University of Virginia History Professor Peter Onuf…