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  • Sanctuary Cities
    Last Aired

    Sanctuary Cities

    Immigration and law enforcement officials and advocates representing undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. talked about sanctuary cities and immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.…

  • Judicial Confirmation Process
    Last Aired

    Judicial Confirmation Process

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  • Medicare Improvements Implementation
    Last Aired

    Medicare Improvements Implementation

    Panelists considered the implementation and impact of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and its Quality Payment Program administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid…

  • Medicare and Medicaid
    Last Aired

    Medicare and Medicaid

    Policy experts talked about the importance and future financial sustainability of the Medicare and Medicaid programs and ways to improve them for future generations. “The Present and Future of…

  • Discussion Focuses on Social Media and Medical and Legal Ethics
    Last Aired

    Social Media Medical and Legal Ethics

    Panelist presented recommended best practices for social media use by health care attorneys and law firms. “Will You Be My Friend (and Can I Be Your Lawyer)? Legal Ethics and Social Media for the…

  • Health Care Fraud Cases
    Last Aired

    Health Care Fraud Cases

    Panelists considered different perspectives on the Justice Department’s False Claims Act investigation, litigation, and enforcement practices as they apply to health care fraud. “The Impact of…

  • Discussion Focuses on AntiMuslim Bullying
    Last Aired

    Anti-Muslim Bullying

    The Capital Area Muslim Bar Association and the American Bar Association co-hosted a discussion on recent trends in anti-Muslim bullying and ways lawyers can better advocate for students…

  • Physician Assisted Deaths
    Last Aired

    Physician Assisted Deaths

    Legal experts said it was crucial that terminally ill patients and their families know their rights and liabilities as more and more states approve legislation allowing physician aid-in-dying.…

  • Future of Government Health Care
    Last Aired

    Future of Government Health Care

    Former Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) administrators talked about the challenges of implementation of health care policy such as the Affordable Care Act and the 2015 Medicare Access and CHIP…

  • Tech Company Officials Discuss Legal Department Management and Operations
    Last Aired

    Technology and Innovation

    Salle Yoo, general Counsel for Uber, and Amy Weaver, general counsel for Salesforce, talked about running the legal departments for technology companies. They focused on the need for awareness of…

  • Homeland Security Law Conference Part 3
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Law Conference, Part 3

    Current and former military officials explained their perspectives on cooperation within the government on strengthening homeland security. This was part of the American Bar Association’s annual…

  • American Bar Association Hosts Homeland Security Law Institute
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Law Conference, Part 1

    Suzanne Spaulding talked about her work to oversee protecting and enhancing the nation’s infrastructure. Following her remakrs, general counsels for private sector tech and security companies discussed their…

  • Homeland Security Law Conference Part 2
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Law Conference, Part 2

    Attorneys from the Homeland Security Department’s general counsel’s office talked about their priorities and efforts to work more efficiently with government partners and the private sector. This was part of…

  • Discussion on Gun Violence and Mental Health
    Last Aired

    Gun Violence and Public Health, Part 2

    Panelists talked about the access to guns by high-risk people such as criminals and the mentally ill. Speakers included gun violence prevention advocates and the U.S. attorney from South Carolina. “Reducing…

  • Discussion on Gun Violence and Public Health
    Last Aired

    Gun Violence and Public Health, Part 3

    Panelists discussed the role of physicians in preventing firearms violence. They also talked about congressional action on gun legislation. “Informing People’s Understanding of Gun Dangers and Outcomes…

  • Daniel Webster Remarks on Gun Violence
    Last Aired

    Gun Violence and Public Health, Part 1

    Professor Daniel Webster gave the opening address at a symposium on gun violence and public health held at the Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston. Other introductory speakers included the church pastor and…

  • US Immigration Agenda
    Last Aired

    U.S. Immigration Agenda

    Panelists discussed how the immigration initiatives President Obama announced in the fall of 2014 would reshape U.S. immigration law. “The U.S. Immigration Agenda” was part of the 10th…

  • Homeland Security 2015 Regulations and Legislation
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security 2015 Regulations and Legislation

    Panelists discussed changes in Department of Homeland Security regulations and and pending legislation. “Homeland Security: Regulations and Legislation Outlook 2015” was part of the 10th…

  • American Bar Association Forum on Homeland Security
    Last Aired

    Legal Issues at the Department of Homeland Security

    Stevan Bunnell talked about legal issues at the Department of Homeland Security after the opening remarks of the conference. “A View from the Top: Challenges and Changes at the Department of…

  • Discussion on Drone Use
    Last Aired

    Drones and UAVs in the Homeland

    Panelists discussed current and proposed laws and policies for the use of domestic unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or vehicles (UAVs). Topics included several incidents involving actual or attempted…

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