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  • Juliana Barnet and Jay Winter Nightwolf Discuss the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
    Last Aired

    Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

    Anthropologist Juliana Barnet and radio talk show host Jay Winter Nightwolf talked about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protests against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on…

  • Progressives Discuss PostElection Priorities
    Last Aired

    Election Results and the Progressive Movement

    The Institute for Policy Studies hosted a discussion on the election results and the future of the progressive movement. Representatives from several organizations talked about the implications of a…

  • Advocates Discuss Issues Facing Minority Communities
    Last Aired

    Racial Justice

    Racial justice advocates talked about issues important to the black community. Fifty organizations, including the Black Lives Matter network and the Black Youth Project joined forces to…

  • Representative John Conyers 50 Years in Congress
    Last Aired

    Representative John Conyers' 50 Years in Congress

    Guests, including Danny Glover, Julian Bond, and others, celebrated Representative John Conyers (D-MI) 50 years in Congress. Born in 1929, John James Conyers, Jr. was first elected in 1964…

  • Town Hall on Ferguson MO Police Shooting and Protests
    Last Aired

    Town Hall on Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri

    Panelists talked about race relations following the August 9, 2014, police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown and the subsequent protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Topics included…

  • Activists Examine Drones Around the Globe
    Last Aired

    Cornel West Remarks at the International Drone Summit

    Cornel West was a featured speaker at a summit on drones, “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance.” He talked about the relationship between the military and Wall Street.

  • Global Drone Proliferation
    Last Aired

    Global Drone Proliferation

    Panelists talked about the dangers surrounding the proliferation of military drone operations around the world. Speakers included a journalist and filmmaker, a human rights advocate and a professor…

  • Legal Challenges to Drone Strikes
    Last Aired

    Legal Challenges to Drone Strikes

    Panelists talked about discusses legal challenges to U.S. drone strikes. They examined Obama administration policies concerning drones and other counterterrorism operations, and their to international law.…

  • US Drug Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Drug Policy

    Recently retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray talked about what he believes is the failure of current drug prohibition policies. He also talked about his experiences as a…

  • emThe Spirit Levelem
    Last Aired

    The Spirit Level

    The authors explored the data they say indicate that greater equality among people within a society is the common factor linking the healthiest and happiest societies. The event was at…

  • The Election and Climate Action
    Last Aired

    The Election and Climate Action

    A panel discussion was held on the results of the 2008 elections and their implications for environmental policy, including climate change and energy. Topics included the impact of the financial crisis…

  • Campaign 2008 and Economic Issues
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008 and Economic Issues

    Panelists talked about recent turmoil in financial markets, the distribution of wealth in the U.S., the influence of economic inquality on market instability, and role the economy would…

  • emSpies for Hireem
    Last Aired

    Spies for Hire

    Tim Shorrock talked about the privatization of U.S. intelligence and the outsourcing of intelligence officers. He said that the majority of spies used by the U.S. were private contractors.…

  • Housing Market and Minorities
    Last Aired

    Housing Market and Minorities

    Brenda Cotto-Escalera and Dedrick Muhammad talked about the subprime mortgage crisis, calling it the the greatest loss of wealth for African Americans in modern history. They are the…

  • National Security and Terrorism
    Last Aired

    National Security and Terrorism

    Mr. Gershman and Mr. Carafano discussed the September 11 Commission’s findings and recommendations. They placed particular emphasis on foreign policy. They advocated prioritizing certain of the…

  • Security Planning and Military Transformation
    Last Aired

    Security Planning and Military Transformation

    Mr. Bolton talked about nuclear non-proliferation efforts and international arms control measures. Among the topics he addressed were weapons programs in Iran and North Korea, inspection…

  • Ending the War in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Ending the War in Iraq

    The Institute for Policy Studies held a discussion on how the U.S. could end the war in Iraq and withdraw troops from the region. Among the topics they addressed were promises made about the…

  • Future of the Two Party System
    Last Aired

    Future of the Two Party System

    The panel discussed the U.S. political system, its historical development, its current state, and its future. Mr. Raskin gave a historical overview of the development of political parties and their platforms during the…

  • Politics and the Energy Industry
    Last Aired

    Politics and the Energy Industry

    Mr. Palast talked about the influence of energy industry interests in the Bush administration. He also talked about energy and infrastructure contracts for Iraq reconstruction and the…

  • National Summit on PetroPolitics
    Last Aired

    National Summit on PetroPolitics

    Participants talked about the influence of oil companies in the political process. Among the topics they addressed were global sources of oil and U.S. security, links between the energy…

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