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  • Investigative Reporters Discuss Access to Government Records
    Last Aired

    Access to Government Records

    Investigative reporters talked about their experiences obtaining government records for stories. Topics included National Security Agency (NSA) emails, Red Cross records from Superstorm Sandy,…

  • White House Press Corps
    Last Aired

    White House Press Corps

    Journalists spoke about the White House Press Corps and public perceptions of their coverage of the executive branch. Several veterans of the corps spoke about their work, addressed common accusations that they…

  • White House Press Secretaries
    Last Aired

    White House Press Secretaries

    Former White House press secretaries for Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton talked about what the job was like and speculated on whether it would be harder in today’s digital age of 24/7 news coverage and…

  • Working for the emNew York Timesem
    Last Aired

    Working for the New York Times

    Two reporters talked about their experiences working for the New York Times, their mariage and its affect on the work environment, and assignments they had undertaken over the years. They…

  • Ethical Case Studies in Investigative Journalism
    Last Aired

    Ethical Case Studies in Investigative Journalism

    Mr. Smith talked about “Exposing the Mayor: Ethical Case Studies from the Spokesman-Review Investigative Series.” He discussed three of the most significant ethical dilemmas confronted by the newspaper while…

  • The Reporters Privilege Under Siege
    Last Aired

    The Reporter's Privilege Under Siege

    New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who was jailed 85 days for refusing to reveal the source that disclosed the identity of undercover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent Valerie Plame, spoke to…

  • Interest Groups and the Media
    Last Aired

    Interest Groups and the Media

    Participants talked about the use of the media by advocacy groups. Among the topics they addressed were journalism ethics, public disclosure of income sources by journalists, and the…

  • Keynote Address with Bernard Shaw
    Last Aired

    Keynote Address with Bernard Shaw

    Bernard Shaw delivered the keynote address at the Washington Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists' awards dinner.

  • Dueling Truths  Vietnam Service
    Last Aired

    Dueling Truths: Vietnam Service

    Panelists discussed the rise of “527” groups in conjunction with the upcoming presidential election. These advocacy groups, created in response to campaign finance law reforms, have created controversies such as one…

  • Past Present and Future of Television News
    Last Aired

    Past, Present and Future of Television News

    Ms. Ashton moderated a discussion about the past, present and future of television news featuring Walter Cronkite, the CBS News anchor from 1952-81 and Brian Williams, the NBC correspondent…

  • Localizing Supreme Court Cases
    Last Aired

    Localizing Supreme Court Cases

    As part of a seminar for journalists, Mr. Mauro spoke about how local journalists can research articles on Supreme court cases and issues and how they can make such issues relevant to their…

  • Pulliam Editorial Fellowship Award
    Last Aired

    Pulliam Editorial Fellowship Award

    Ms. Overholser spoke about journalistic ethics. She focused on the current debate over how the Society’s ethics code should be changed. She also pointed out how these and other changes can…

  • Utah Senatorial Debate
    Last Aired

    Utah Senatorial Debate

    The candidates debated on various campaign issues and responded to questions posed by a panel of journalists.

  • Journalism Career
    Last Aired

    Journalism Career

    Ms. Pauley talked about the Dateline NBC program and other aspects of her career and the journalism profession.

  • Campus Courts Public Acts Private Justice
    Last Aired

    Campus Courts: Public Acts, Private Justice

    At a session of the 1994 Society of Professional Journalists Convention, the panelists discussed access to college judiciary hearings and records. The panels consisted of journalists,…

  • 1992 Election Coverage
    Last Aired

    1992 Election Coverage

    The participants examined the quality and fairness of media coverage of the 1992 election campaign.

  • Journalists Crossing Into Government
    Last Aired

    Journalists Crossing Into Government

    The Society of Professional Journalists sponsored a forum in the National Press Club on the ethical concerns raised when a journalist takes a job with the government and returns to journalism after…

  • Keeping Secrets Justice on Trial
    Last Aired

    Keeping Secrets: Justice on Trial

    An issue discussed among lawyers, judges and journalists is whether or not court records should be sealed and, if they are sealed, what criteria should be used. Panelists discussed this…

  • Media Coverage of the Thomas Hearings
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the Thomas Hearings

    In a forum entitled, “Did the Media Cover the Clarence Thomas Circus or Join It?", panelists examined media handling of the confirmation process and allegations of sexual harassment against Judge…

  • Ways to Energize the Washington Press Corps
    Last Aired

    Ways to Energize the Washington Press Corps

    The theme addressed by the panelists was “Ten Ways to Energize the Washington Press Corps.” Tom Winship set the tone by using the disagreement over Sen. Simpson’s critical remarks about Peter…

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