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    Coroners in the 19th Century South

    Professor Stephen Berry talked about coroners in the 19th century South. He discussed the role of a coroner as an agent of the state and talked about the records created from coroner…

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    Cultural Heritage and Confederate Monuments

    Professor Scott Nesbit talked about historic preservation and the debate over southern cultural heritage sites, such as the tearing down or the relocation of Civil War monuments and markers…

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    University of Georgia Commencement Address

    Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) gave the commencement address to the 2014 graduating class of the University of Georgia in Sanford Stadium. He told graduates gathered in his Alma Mater’s…

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    Feminism and Social Media

    Robin Morgan talked about the state of the feminist movement, social media, women in politics, and other subjects. Ms. Morgan is the author of Sisterhood Is Powerful and Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious…

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    Legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan

    Panelists talked about the importance and legacy of the New York Times v. Sullivan Supreme Court case, as well as the history of the Supreme Court reporting. In the 1964 Supreme Court Case New…

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    Supreme Court and the Press

    A panel of law professors and journalists talked about the New York Times v. Sullivan Supreme Court case, and the relationship between the Supreme Court and the press. They spoke about how…

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    Covering the Supreme Court in the Digital Age

    Panelists talked about media coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court in the digital age. Topics included media access to the justices and cases, the future of technology allowed in court coverage, and…

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    The Evolution of SCOTUSblog

    Panelists talked about the evolution of SCOTUSblog as a source of information for watchers of the U.S. Supreme Court. Tom Goldstein and his wife Amy Howe, co-founders of the blog, talked about its origins, the…

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    The Roberts Court and 2013 Supreme Court Cases

    Panelists talked about the U.S. Supreme Court in its eighth year under Chief Justice Roberts. They reviewed recent cases and previewed issues before the court in the 2013-2014 term. Topics included the roles and futures…

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    University of Georgia Commencement Address

    Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) gave the commencement address to the 2013 graduating class of the University of Georgia in Sanford Stadium. In his remarks the Senate Select Intelligence…

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    Deadly Monopolies

    Harriet Washington argues that a growing corporate presence in the medical industry yields dire consequences for patients, as drug development and research is initiated on a for-profit basis. Ms.…

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    Carter Presidency Town Hall Meeting

    Former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter answered questions from the public at a town hall meeting as part of an event marking the 30th anniversary of the Carter presidency. They…

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    Carter 30th Inaugural Anniversary

    Former President Jimmy Carter delivered the keynote address at a dinner honoring the 30th anniversary of his inauguration. Former Vice President Walter Mondale also spoke. The program was part of a…

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    Carter Administration and Environmental Policy

    Michael Beschloss made the opening remarks for the second day of the conference, talking about the uniqueness of the Carter campaign and victory and about some of the accomplishments of the Carter administration. Moderated by Jay Hakes,…

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    Carter Administration Foreign Policy

    Former Ambassador Moss discussed the foreign policy of the Carter administration with a group of experts. Topics included human rights, peacemaking, foreign aid, Middle Eastern issues, the Cold War, Africa, the…

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    Carter Administration and Middle East Policy

    Moderated by Jon Meacham, former members of the Carter administration talked about the Middle East, defense policy, and intelligence. Topics included Carter administration peace efforts, former President Carter’s new…

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    Carter Administration and Diplomatic Initiatives

    Moderated by Michael Beschloss, former members of the Carter administration talked about foreign policy and diplomatic initiatives beyond the Middle East. Topics included the Panama Canal, human rights, nuclear weapons…

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    Carter Presidency and the Press

    Moderated by Chris Matthews, journalists discussed the Carter administration’s relationship with the media. Topics included Jody Powell as the Carter administration press secretary, President Carter as a religious person,…

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    Vice Presidency in the Carter Administration

    Former Vice President Mondale and members of his White House staff talked about changes in the role of the vice president during the Carter administration. Jay Hakes moderated the discussion. The program…

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    Carter Legacy and Post-Presidency

    Moderated by Jon Meacham, the panelists summed up the conference and discussed the Carter legacy and President Carter’s post-presidential activities. Topics included Carter administration accomplishments and…

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