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  • Strengthening Civic Education
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    Strengthening Civic Education

    Former Justice O’Connor and former Governor Romer announced a new National Advisory Council for the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, a national effort to increase and strengthen…

  • Excellence in Government Conference
    Last Aired

    Excellence in Government Conference

    As part of a three-day conference, Secretaries Johanns, Chertoff, and Nicholson talked about their roles as federal government administrators, describing their experiences and…

  • Excellence in Public Service Award
    Last Aired

    Excellence in Public Service Award

    Justice O’Connor and Secretary Mineta received the 2004 Elliot L. Richardson Prize for Excellence in Public Service from the Council for Excellence in Government. In a discussion moderated…

  • Public Readiness Index
    Last Aired

    Public Readiness Index

    Secretary Ridge talked about the creation of a “public readiness index” to gauge the readiness of citizens, schools, businesses, and other community organizations to respond to emergencies.…

  • Presidential Appointment Process
    Last Aired

    Presidential Appointment Process

    Participants talked about the appointment and nomination process, including the burdens on those seeking office, the process of background investigations, and the numbers of appointments to…

  • Leadership in Government
    Last Aired

    Leadership in Government

    Mr. Cohen spoke about his experiences as a congressman and Secretary of Defense, and how those experiences shaped his leadership style. He also discussed the September 11 Commission’s…

  • Leadership in Foreign Affairs
    Last Aired

    Leadership in Foreign Affairs

    Ms. Bushnell spoke about the need for strong leadership in international affairs. She discussed aspects of effective leadership and diplomacy in public service, with particular emphasis on…

  • Excellence in Government Conference
    Last Aired

    Excellence in Government Conference

    Speakers discussed leadership in public service. Sec. Ridge spoke about his own experiences, from his time in the Armed Forces as a young man to his current position as Secretary of the…

  • Homeland Security Issues
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Issues

    Homeland Secretary Ridge talked to local emergency responders on the occasion of The Council for Excellence in Government releasing a report titled We the People: Homeland Security from the…

  • Town Hall Meeting on Homeland Security
    Last Aired

    Town Hall Meeting on Homeland Security

    Secretary Ridge and a panel of officials involved with local and state security took part in a town hall meeting, responding to questions and comments about San Diego security and national…

  • Excellence in Government Conference
    Last Aired

    Excellence in Government Conference

    Mayor Cicilline spoke about building faith and trust in government and improvements under his administration in Providence, Rhode Island. Following his remarks he answered questions from…

  • Senate Confirmation Process
    Last Aired

    Senate Confirmation Process

    Former government officials and others talked about the confirmation process for presidential nominees. Among the topics they addressed were past battles over controversial nominations,…

  • Future of Public Service
    Last Aired

    Future of Public Service

    Mr. Hart talked about a recent survey of young Americans' attitudes toward government and public service. His remarks were followed by panelist remarks on the survey and changes in…

  • Restoring Confidence in the Presidency
    Last Aired

    Restoring Confidence in the Presidency

    Participants talked about how the next president might approach bridging the divide created by the presidential election contest in Florida. In their remarks they looked to past…

  • Planning for Policy Success
    Last Aired

    Planning for Policy Success

    Participants talked about ways to turn campaign promises into policy. Among the issues they addressed were setting priorities, building coalitions, and the potential agenda of a Bush…

  • Beyond Election Day
    Last Aired

    Beyond Election Day

    Mr. Panetta spoke about the future transition from the Clinton administration to a new administration following the 2000 election. He answered questions on a variety of issues including the…

  • emYou Say You Want a Revolutionem
    Last Aired

    You Say You Want a Revolution

    Mr. Hundt spoke about his book You Say You Want a Revolution: A Story of Information Age Politics, published by Yale University Press. The book details how the government and technology…

  • How to Get Results for the American People
    Last Aired

    How to Get Results for the American People

    Secretary Shalala spoke about running the department of health and Human Services and how to manage large agencies designed to perform public services. Among the issues she addressed were…

  • Best Practices in Performance Management
    Last Aired

    Best Practices in Performance Management

    The panelists talked about government performance, specifically what can be learned from local, state and international performance management experience. After their remarks the panelists…

  • The Next Administration
    Last Aired

    The Next Administration

    Mr. Broder moderated a discussion on the challenges facing the next president and various means of overcoming the challenges. They also talked about how presidential candidates might…

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