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  • Women in News Media
    Last Aired

    Women in News Media

    Women journalists representing various foreign media organizations talked about the Global Report on Women in the News Media. The report showed that women represented only a third of…

  • International Womens Media Foundation Conference
    Last Aired

    International Women's Media Foundation Conference

    Pat Mitchell interviewed Middle East columnist Mona Eltahawy on women and the use of social media in the Arab world, particularly by women during the Egyptian revolution. She also responded…

  • Conversation with Diane Sawyer
    Last Aired

    Conversation with Diane Sawyer

    Marvin Kalb interviewed Diane Sawyer about her experiences as a journalist and the state of the news industry. Among the topics she addressed were the transformation of journalism, the…

  • Womens Role in Health Care Reform
    Last Aired

    Women's Role in Health Care Reform

    First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to the International Women’s Media Foundation concerning the importance of health care reform for the health of women and children in the U.S. She…

  • Republican Perspective on Health Care Reform
    Last Aired

    Republican Perspective on Health Care Reform

    Senator Kassebaum spoke in opposition to the health care reform bill currently in markup in the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee.

  • Clinton Administration Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Clinton Administration Foreign Policy

    Ms. Albright, former head of the Center for National Policy, spoke to a women’s media organization on the outlook for U.S. foreign policy under the Clinton administration. In her remarks,…

  • Media and the 1992 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Media and the 1992 Presidential Election

    A number of Washington correspondents spoke in a forum at the National Press Club on press coverage of the 1992 presidential election. Issues brought up in the discussion included alleged…

  • Women Journalists on the Persian Gulf War
    Last Aired

    Women Journalists on the Persian Gulf War

    The panelists discussed how they came to get their assignment in the Middle East and whether their experience in covering the war was any different than that of a man. The panelists also…

  • Media Megatrends US and International
    Last Aired

    Media Megatrends: U.S. and International

    Panelists discussed the proliferation of the media in the 1990's. This forum was part of the Foundation’s “News in the Nineties” conference.

  • Emerging Technologies Connecting Continents
    Last Aired

    Emerging Technologies: Connecting Continents

    The panelists discussed the changing nature of the television industry and how it has had an impact on the news and the electronic media. Each panelist gave an individual account of her…

  • Forecasting the Future State of the News
    Last Aired

    Forecasting the Future: State of the News

    The “News in the Nineties” conference featured 65 female foreign journalists and 35 of their American counterparts who have attained recognition as editors, publishers, producers and…

  • Womens Media Awards
    Last Aired

    Women's Media Awards

    Secretary Dole presented the Courage in Journalism award to Ms. Ichim who then spoke on her journalism career in Communist Rumania and the many changes which have occurred in the past year.

  • Courage in Journalism
    Last Aired

    Courage in Journalism

    Ms. Graham delivered the keynote address at the “Courage in Journalism” awards banquet. The event was part of the Foundation’s “News in the Nineties” conference.