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  • Turkeys Political Future Domestic Politics
    Last Aired

    Turkey's Political Future, Domestic Politics

    in this portion of the Middle East Institute’s eighth annual Conference on Turkey, panelists talked about Turkey’s domestic politics, including the growing power of President Recep Tayyip…

  • Turkeys Political Future Economy
    Last Aired

    Turkey's Political Future, Economy

    The Middle East Institute hosted its 8th annual Conference on Turkey at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. In this portion, panelists discussed the future of the Turkish economy, including increased…

  • Gaza and IsraeliPalestinian Conflict
    Last Aired

    Gaza and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Middle East analysts spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how the territory of Gaza factors into the peace process. Among the speakers was a United Nations representative of an…

  • UN Envoy to Yemen Discusses Peace Efforts in WarTorn Nation
    Last Aired

    Yemen Conflict

    The United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, spoke about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East nation and his framework for peace that included both political and…

  • Middle East Institute Hosts Discussion on ISIS in Libya
    Last Aired

    ISIS in Libya

    State Department Special Envoy for Libya Jonathan Winer, Libyan Embassy Charge D’Affaires Wafa Bugaighis, and Middle East scholars delivered remarks at the Middle East Institute on the challenges…

  • Discussion on Challenges Facing Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Challenges Facing Afghanistan

    Former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali and other scholars talked about the political and security challenges facing Afghanistan’s government and possibilities for strengthening government untity and…

  • Discussion on the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Agreement in the Middle East

    Middle East experts talked about the potential effects of the Iran nuclear agreement on the region. The historic deal could end Iran’s status as a pariah state but its increased wealth and influence…

  • Roy Gutman on the Middle East and the Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Agreement and Middle East Relations

    Panelists talked about the regional implications and Arab press reaction to the Iran nuclear agreement. Roy Gutman shared his observations from his time spent reporting from Tehran, Iran,…

  • Former US Ambassadors on US Role in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    U.S. Role in Afghanistan

    Former U.S. Ambassadors to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, Ronald Neumann, and Ryan Crocker participated in a discussion about the U.S. role in Afghanistan. They spoke about their diplomatic…

  • Ambassador Lukman Faily on the Future of Iraq
    Last Aired

    Future of Iraq

    Iraq’s Ambassador to the U.S., Lukman Faily, talked about the future of his country and its ongoing military and political conflicts. He characterized Iraq’s conflict with ISIS* as a “messy war,”…

  • Conflict Resolution in Syria
    Last Aired

    Conflict Resolution in Syria

    Ambassador Robert Ford and others talked about resolving the conflict in Syria. Ambassador Ford outlined why the Geneva talks failed to bring a resolution to the fighting in Syria, and said that…

  • Discussion on the Future of Iraq and Syria
    Last Aired

    Iraq Reconciliation

    Panelists that included Iraqi political scholars talked about the prospects for reconciliation of the different factions in Iraq. They focused on whether national reconciliation can stop…

  • Discussion on Religion and Diplomacy
    Last Aired

    Religion and Diplomacy

    Panelists talked about the role of religion in international diplomacy and U.S. foreign policy. Jerry White from the State Department and White House Special Envoy Arsalan Suleman outlined…

  • Discussion on Turkeys Response to ISIS
    Last Aired

    Turkey's Response to Islamic Militants

    hosted a discussion on Turkey’s response to ISIL* militants in the Middle East region and ongoing U.S. strikes against targets in Syria. “Turkey: ISIS and the Middle East” was a program of…

  • Discussion on Political and Humanitarian Implications of the IsraeliPalestinian Conflict
    Last Aired

    Implications of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Panelists talked about the political and humanitarian implications of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza. This event was hosted by the Middle East Institute and the Foundation for…

  • Future of Middle East Peace Process
    Last Aired

    Israel-Palestine Peace Process

    Three former U.S. ambassadors to the Middle East region talked about the status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Arthur Hughes, the former U.S. deputy chief of mission in Israel,…

  • Reconciliation for Egypt
    Last Aired

    Reconciliation for Egypt

    Representatives from different Egyptian political parties talked about how they can work together towards a national reconciliation to create a democratic Egypt government. The panel was…

  • Securing Egypts Future
    Last Aired

    Securing Egypt's Future

    Egyptian and U.S. analysts talked about Egypt’s political parties and those parties' participation in a future democratic Egyptian government. The event began with an introduction by Wendy…

  • Egypts Relationship with International Community
    Last Aired

    Egypt's Relationship with International Community

    Panelists talked about Egypt’s relationship with the international community. They spoke about the existential threats to the country, whether or not the U.S. should continue sending aid, and how…

  • Meeting Needs of the Egyptian People
    Last Aired

    Meeting Needs of the Egyptian People

    Representatives from human rights groups talked about their first-hand knowledge of the current situation in Egyptian communities and what can be done to improve the basic needs and services for…

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