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  • Idea of America
    Last Aired

    Idea of America

    Author and historian William White talked about the ideals that shaped the leaders of the American Revolution, and how these principles have influenced American culture since. Mr. White argued…

  • emWellington Webbem
    Last Aired

    Wellington Webb

    Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb talked about his autobiography, Wellington Webb: The Man, the Mayor and the Making of Modern Denver, published by Fulcrum Publishing. He described his three…

  • emWar Made Newem
    Last Aired

    War Made New

    Max Boot talked about his book War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History, 1500 to Today, published by Gotham. The book chronicles the transformations and innovations in…

  • US Child Care
    Last Aired

    U.S. Child Care

    Mr. Price, the president of a Denver bank, spoke about the problem of proper, affordable child care in the United States. He focused on the demographic, quality and affordability challenges…

  • USBritish Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-British Relations

    Ambassador Kerr spoke about U.S.-British relations in the context of the post-Cold War world. He talked about what has changed over the past ten years, when he also served in Washington,…

  • Alliance Party
    Last Aired

    Alliance Party

    Mr. Alderdice spoke concerning the political conflicts in Northern Ireland that fostered the Irish Republic Army (IRA). He also spoke about the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, the most recent…

  • Buchanan Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Buchanan Campaign Speech

    Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan addressed the City Club of San Diego on the recent rioting in Los Angeles and other 1992 political issues. In his speech entitled, “A Nation In…

  • Allen Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Allen Campaign Speech

    Mr. Allen discussed his candidacy for the United States Senate and how he intends to set an agenda for California and the Republican Party. His speech was titled “Agenda Setting in an Age of…

  • Campbell Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Campbell Campaign Speech

    Representative Campbell discussed his views on the state of the U.S. government. He is one of the three individuals running for the California senatorial seat opened by Senator Cranston’s…

  • Feinstein Senate Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Feinstein Senate Campaign Speech

    Dianne Feinstein delivered a speech entitled “Is This Any Way to Run a Country?” Ms. Feinstein is a former Democratic mayor of San Francisco. Last year she ran for governor of California…

  • California Politics
    Last Aired

    California Politics

    Mr. Brown talked about the widening gap between the people and their government. He discussed the crisis of democracy presented by low voter turnout. He also talked about the importance of…

  • USSoviet Relations After the Soviet Coup
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Soviet Relations After the Soviet Coup

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell spoke on the changing face of U.S.-Soviet military relations following the failed Soviet coup in an address to the City Club of San Diego.…