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  • Term Limitations Housecleaning or Sham
    Last Aired

    Term Limitations: Housecleaning or Sham?

    The panel talked about term limits. Topics included the history, benefits, and drawbacks to term limitations. They also talked about the phenomenon of the incumbent advantage, where…

  • emUnfit for Commandem  Book Party
    Last Aired

    Unfit for Command: Book Party

    A book party was held for John O’Neill, co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry from Regnery Publishing.

  • emSpeak No Evilem Book Party
    Last Aired

    Speak No Evil: Book Party

    At a book party Gary Aldrich, Mr. Davis, and others responded to questions about the book, Speak No Evil, published by Regnery Publications. The book is both a murder-mystery and political…

  • Regnery Publishing 50th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Regnery Publishing 50th Anniversary

    Mr. Buckley and others spoke at a 50th anniversary dinner for Regnery Publishing. They spoke about the conservative effort to spread ideas through establishing their own publishing houses…

  • Race Relations and Presidential Politics
    Last Aired

    Race Relations and Presidential Politics

    The members of the forum discussed the relationship between race relations and American politics. They examined the theme of a new book by Peter Brown, Minority Party, which posits that the…