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  • Corey Lewandowski Discusses the Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Corey Lewandowski on the Trump Presidency

    Corey Lewandowski talked about the first six months of the Trump presidency. He said the president was “the greatest political phenomenon of our lifetime.” He also responded to questions…

  • John Boehner Speaks at City Club of Cleveland
    Last Aired

    Former House Speaker Boehner Remarks to City Club of Cleveland

    Former House Speaker John Boehner talked about about Congress and working with President Obama. He also offered prediction for the upcoming Donald Trump presidency. After his remarks, Mr.…

  • April Dinwoodie Remarks on Adoption
    Last Aired

    April Dinwoodie Remarks on Adoption

    April Dinwoodie, a nationally-recognized leader on adoption and foster care, talked about about adoption policies in the United States. After her speech, Ms. Dinwoodie answered questions…

  • PresidentElect Donald Trumps Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    President-Elect Donald Trump's Foreign Policy

    Panelists talked about the international landscape and the foreign policy challenges for President-elect Donald Trump. Speakers included a journalist formerly embedded with the Taliban.

  • Ohio Senate Debate
    Last Aired

    Ohio Senate Debate

    Ohio U.S. Senate candidates incumbent Senator Rob Portman (R) and former Governor Ted Strickland (D), met for a debate. Topics included the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees, gun violence,…

  • Criminal Justice and Wrongful Convictions
    Last Aired

    Criminal Justice and Wrongful Convictions

    Jarrett Adams spoke about his life and his work helping people who have been wrongfully convicted. As a teenager, Jarrett Adams was convicted of sexual assault. He served 10 years of his…

  • Discussion on New Technology and Cities
    Last Aired

    New Technology and Cities

    Dustin Haisler talked about technology shifts in cities around the world. Mr. Haisler, formerly chief information officer for the city of Manor, Texas, is a civic technology innovator. He…

  • President Obama Remarks in Cleveland on Middle Class Economics
    Last Aired

    President Obama on Middle Class Economics

    President Obama delivered remarks and took question on middle class economics. He also announced a $500 million public-private partnership to aid the manufacturing industry. The president…

  • Discussion on Racism and Local Communities
    Last Aired

    Youth Forum on Racism

    Panelists talked about racism and its impact on communities, including a Justice Department report that recommended changes to the Cleveland Police Department’s use-of-force policies. They…

  • State of Academic Freedom
    Last Aired

    State of Academic Freedom

    Anne Neal talked about academic freedom and freedom of speech at colleges and universities. She talked about what she called “commencement dis-invitation season,” when invited commencement speakers…

  • Steve Phillips on Race and Politics
    Last Aired

    Steve Phillips on Race and Politics

    Lawyer and philanthropist Steve Phillips spoke at the City Club of Cleveland about changing demographics, race, and politics in the United States. Mr. Phillips helped create the country’s first super…

  • Defense of Marriage Act
    Last Aired

    Defense of Marriage Act

    Roberta Kaplan talked about her experience arguing against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) before the U.S. Supreme Court. Ms. Kaplan’s client in the DOMA case was Edith Windsor, who sued…

  • emCustomary International Law in Times of Fundamental Changeem
    Last Aired

    Customary International Law in Times of Fundamental Change

    Michael Scharf, who served as an advisor to several war crime and genocide tribunals, talked about his book, Customary International Law in Times of Fundamental Change, in which he looks at…

  • Health Care Insurance and Medicare
    Last Aired

    Health Care, Insurance and Medicare

    Bruce Broussard spoke about health care, insurance, and Medicare. Topics included the Affordable Care Act (the health care law), new approaches to integrating delivery systems, the benefits…

  • Ohio 16th Congressional District Debate
    Last Aired

    Ohio 16th Congressional District Debate

    Representatives Betty Sutton (D) and Jim Renacci (R) met in Cleveland for Ohio’s 16th Congressional District debate. Moderated by WCPN’s Mike McIntyre. They answered questions about job…

  • Ohio Senate Debate
    Last Aired

    Ohio Senate Debate

    Incumbent Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) and his challenger, Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel (R), met in the first of three scheduled debates. They answered questions, including some from…

  • Broadband and Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    Broadband and Competitiveness

    Blair Levin talked about the National Broadband Plan and government efforts to bring high-speed Internet services to rural areas. Following his remarks moderated a discussion on the ways…

  • US Economy and the Republican Party Agenda
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy and the Republican Party Agenda

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) talked about the U.S. economy. In his comments he said that President Obama should fire his economic team. He also called on the president to leave…

  • Urban Issues
    Last Aired

    Urban Issues

    Mayor Jay Williams talked about some of the economic and law enforcement initiatives that his city has implemented to revitalize itself. Following his remarks he responded to audience members'…

  • Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate

    Third party presidential candidates participated in a debate in Cleveland, Ohio. Dan Moulthrop moderated.

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