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    A Torch Kept Lit

    James Rosen and Christopher Buckley talked about their book, A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives of the Twentieth Century, about William F. Buckley Jr.'s essays on famous figures of his time…

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    Supreme Court Term Preview

    Supreme Court scholars Theodore Olson and Neal Katyal outlined the cases to watch in the 2016-17 Supreme Court term. Former Solicitor General Olson summarized redistricting and First…

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    U.S. Military Response to ISIS

    David French spoke about what he called the “facts and fictions” of the ongoing efforts to combat ISIS. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamic State of Iraq and the…

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    Panel Discussion on William F. Buckley's The Unmaking of a Mayor

    Political scholars and commentators examined the 1965 New York City mayoral campaign of the late William F. Buckley. This book launch event at the Union League Club celebrated the 50th…

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    Conservative Panel at National Review Ideas Summit

    Panelist talked about the future of conservatism and current conservative ideas and principles. This was part of the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit on “Why the Future Is…

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    Jeb Bush at the National Review Ideas Summit

    Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) talked with Rich Lowry about topics including his potential run for the White House, the Baltimore riots, immigration reform, foreign policy, the SUpreme Court, and…

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    Representative Paul Ryan at the National Review Ideas Summit

    Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) was interviewed by Eliana Johnson. Topics included his comprehensive tax reform plan for the next congressional session, his plan for addressing poverty, and the Baltimore…

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    Charles Krauthammer on Challenges Facing Conservatism

    Charles Krauthammer talked about the future of conservatism. He talked about the 2012 election, his views on why Mitt Romney lost and why conservative principles are key to future Republican victories.…

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    Peter Thiel at National Review Institute Summit

    Peter Thiel talked about how Obama administration policies have helped create a period of technological stagnation. After his remarks he was interviewed by Rich Lowry. This was a session at the…

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    Future of Energy

    Harold Hamm talked about the oil industry and the benefits derived from the drilling procedure known as “fracking.” He argued that Obama administration energy policies were stifling overall economic…

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    Representative Cotton on Challenges Facing Conservatives

    Representative Tom Cotton (R-AK) talked about the future of conservatism. The newly-elected congressman talked about his background and conservative roots and his positions on issues including…

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    Panel Discussion on Republican Party Challenges

    Journalists talked about challenges facing the Republican Party in the wake of the 2012 election and President Obama’s second term. They commented on why the party lost the presidential election and on some of the…

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    Representative Ryan at National Review Institute Summit

    Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) talked about the future of the Republican Party and the strategies it should use in opposing President Obama’s second term policies. He also discussed why he voted to pass the…

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    Challenges Facing Conservatives Panel

    Panelists held a free-ranging discussion on the future of conservatism, including the results of the 2012 campaigns. This was a “Night Owl” session at the National Review Institute the “Future of…

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    Governor Scott Walker at National Review Institute Summit

    Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) spoke about the future of the Republican Party in the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election and why his party should be optimistic about its future despite the loss in November.…

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    Senator Ted Cruz at National Review Institute Summit

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke about the future of the Republican Party. He contrasted the economic philosophies of both Democrats and Republicans and talked about how the upcoming congressional budget…

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    Conservative Pro-Life Panel

    A panel of “pro-life” advocates talked about their range of positions on the politics surrounding the issue, including the new federal health care law, upcoming court cases, and some of the challenges that the…