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    Vice President Mike Pence and Judge Neil Gorsuch Meeing with Senator McConnell

    Judge Neil Gorsuch made his first appearance on Capitol Hill after President Trump picked him for the seat on the U.S. Supreme Court left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, meeting…

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    Senate Democrats on Health Care Law Contraception Provision

    Senate Democratic leaders spoke in support of the Obama administration ruling on a provision of the 2010 health care law that requires church-affiliated employers to cover contraceptives…

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    Public Safety and Education

    Senate Democratic leaders, Vice President Biden, fire fighters, police officers, and teachers held a news conference an rally to call for national investment in public safety and education. They…

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    Senate Leader Lecture

    Former Democratic Senator and Vice President Mondale described about his experiences in the Senate and the vice presidency. He also talked about the rules of debate in the Senate. This was the…

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    Women Airforce Service Pilots Gold Medal Ceremony

    Members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) received the Congressional Gold Medal for their service in World War II. The corps of female pilots was created in 1942 to fly military…